'HTGAWM' Actor Glynn Turman Says Emmy Nomination 'Caught Me Totally off Guard' (Exclusive)


'HTGAWM' Actor Glynn Turman Says Emmy Nomination 'Caught Me Totally off Guard' (Exclusive)

UGA Student Brutally Wounded In Altercation With Girlfriend

Early on Wednesday morning, a student at the University of Georgia was stabbed his girlfriend in the head after an argument in her apartment in downtown Athens.

After a night out drinking, the male student returned to 21-year-old Lauren Nicole Jones' apartment at University Towers, according to the police. 

(Photo: The University of Georgia)

The two "started arguing about who each other has slept with in the past," which was an argument that the couple had several times before according to the man. However, the disagreement would normally result in him sleeping on the couch and then all would be well the following day. This time the result was much different.

When the UGA student began making his way to the living room to sleep on the couch, Jones followed him and then told him to leave. The couple continued arguing until they were standing at the front door. The situation escalated as Jones kept telling him to leave, and then she eventually stabbed him in the side of the head, according to Online Athens.

The UGA student left the apartment, but then said he continued trying to talk to Jones through the closed door. When Jones didn't respond, the man called 911.

When the authorities showed up, the UGA student "was bleeding from the right side of his head behind his ear," according to the police report.

Upon arriving at Jones' apartment, the police found her lying in bed. She was slurring her words and appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

Law enforcement officers asked Jones about the stabbing, but she reportedly said that she did not have any idea what the police were talking about.

Jones denied knowing if the knife was involved in the stabbing and then denied the location of it. She then told the police that the UGA student "wouldn't leave her alone."

The police asked her again and again about the stabbing. When asked why her boyfriend was bleeding behind his ear, Jones finally said to the law enforcement officers, "You should probably look up the police reports from Oconee County."

Blood was found in the living room of the apartment, and the police discovered the knife on the kitchen counter with blood on it.

Jones is a student at North Georgia University. On Wednesday at 12:50 p.m., she was released from the Clarke County Jail after posting a $1,500 bond, according to the jail's website.

What are your thoughts about this UGA student being stabbed by his girlfriend?

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