Barber Sign Features Anne Hathaway With A Hi-Top Fade

Anne Hathaway is known for a great collection of iconic roles, for her Oscar win for Les Misèrables, and her great sense of fashion – or at least her Devil Wears Prada’s characters sense of fashion. Well, now Hathaway can be known for another iconic look, the high top fade haircut that a barbershop photo shopped on her.

According to BuzzFeed, Jose Rodriguez was checking out a new barber shop that happened to open in Doraville, Georgia. He said he was going to go in for a cut, but changed his mind after he saw that the shop had added a photoshopped image of Hathaway as part of their advertising.

“So a new barbershop opened near my apt and I was gonna go until I saw a photoshopped pic of ANNE HATHAWAY WITH AFRO FADE,” he tweeted alongside the photo.

Since Rodriguez posted the photo it has made it’s way around twitter and people are losing it over the ridiculous image.

Some people have even been inspired by the image, perhaps even deciding to bring the dated hairstyle back into mainstream fashion.

Needless to say, everyone wants to know who created the photo, or, if Hathaway is indeed a customer of the shop – which she probably isn’t. The barbershop has yet to respond to BuzzFeed on the subject.

[H/T BuzzFeed]