Tom Cruise Says Goose Won't Be Returning For Top Gun 2

Top Gun is making a return to the big screen, but unfortunately, not everyone will be coming along for the ride.

Top Gun actor Tom Cruise excels at playing enlisted characters, and it's no accident that he's played so many military parts in the past, including Top Gun's at times reckless pilot Maverick. Cruise recently touched on why he gravitates towards those roles. (via ScreenRant).

“I do. I do. I do. I love military characters.” He explains, “The level of competence that they have and they exude that kind of confidence because they are that competent…I enjoy that.”

That naturally segued to the in development Top Gun 2. Most sequels do their best to round up as many original cast members as possible, and Top Gun 2 will likely be no different. There is one character who won't be making a return, though, and that's Maverick's buddy Goose, played in the original by Anthony Edwards.

"Goose won’t be coming back unfortunately… sorry.”

Goose and Maverick had to eject from their aircraft, but Goose couldn't clear the plane's canopy and died on impact. Some had thought he might return via a flashback, but that won't be the case. That doesn't mean Goose won't be incorporated into the film, he just won't be in person.

Cruise will next be seen in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, a part he enjoys playing due to the character's physicality and unique way of problem-solving.

“the stuff he gets to do.” He adds, “I love to be able to play that kind of character…the way that he sees the world.” He shares, “The way that he gets to solve these problems. I love the physicality of the character. I like the world that he goes into.” He adds, “And the kind of situations that hit him. It’s just really fun. It’s fun kind of humor that you can play with.”

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hits theaters on October 21.

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