Shannen Doherty Shares Photo Showing Her Hair Growing Back

Shannen Doherty is still showcasing all of the ups and downs of her battle with cancer on social media. Recently the actress shared a photo of her and her husband, Kurt Iswarienko. It not only shows how their relationship has grown since her diagnosis, but it also seems as though her dark hair is growing back after treatment.

As part of the #loveyourspousechallenge, Doherty posted a touching photo of her putting her bald head lovingly on her hubby’s shoulder. She was first told about the challenge by her friend Sarah Michelle Gellar and decided to participate. Though times have been rough for Doherty, she and her husband have grown closer together.

“This is us now,” she captioned. “Life has handed us an interesting car with cancer and although we would both prefer to not be faced with such a terrible disease, we must also search for the good.”

With their love for each other growing stronger every day, it seems like that’s not the only thing growing despite the disease. Doherty shaved her head months back after she started chemo treatments, but it seems like her flowing black locks are starting to make a comeback.

When she finally made the decision to shave her head, she posted a series of photos documenting the experience. It’s clear she was emotional during the process, but was also completely surrounded by those that support her through this time. Many times over the last few months, Doherty has expressed her love and gratitude for her support system.

“Am I blessed? Yes. Blessed for my friends that I have. Blessed that I have a fantastic mom and blessed that this man is in my life,” her caption continued. “Cancer gives a clarity that is unique. I’ve seen friends run, I’ve seen strangers step up, I’ve seen the unwavering still unwaverer and I’ve seen @kurtiswarienko there for it all. That’s friendship. That’s love.”

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