Batman V Superman Only Has A 40% Approval Rating On Rotten Tomatoes


The reviews are pouring in for the big budget Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and so far it isn't looking so good.

Right now Batman V Superman is sitting at a mere 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, stemming from a total of 62 reviews. The split isn't very wide either, with 25 fresh and 37 rotten, and the mass audience hasn't even had much of a chance to factor in, so it might not stay at that number after it opens this weekend.

The main point of contention in the more critical reviews seems to be the serious tone and the burden of setting up an entire universe in one film. Most acknowledge that it looks fantastic and that the universe has potential (namely the upcoming Wonder Woman film), but overall the movie gets bogged down under its own importance.

I'll be interested to see what this number looks like come Sunday.

via Rotten Tomatoes