LeBron James Hopes To Do Space Jam 2


LeBron James is not letting those Space Jam 2 rumors die down. Today, during an interview, the NBA superstar furthered speculation that the movie might actually happen. When asked if Space Jam 2 is something we might see, James responded “We hope so.” “We’re definitely missing Bugs and Daffy and Tasmanian Devil and every last one of them, so hopefully we can do some great things,” he continued.

Earlier this month, Warner Bros. announced a partnership with King James to develop TV, film and original digital content together. Shortly after the announcement it was pointed out that Warner Bros., which is the studio that produced 1996's Space Jam starring Michael Jordan, had filed for new Space Jam trademarks.

But when asked who would win one on one, James vs. Jordan - LeBron had to pick himself.

So what do you think ComicBook.com readers, are you excited to possibly see Space Jam 2 on the big screen? Who else do you want to see in it? Let us know in the comments below!