The Flash To Dive Deep Into Time Travel, Could Totally Change Season 2


Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the stars of The Flash on The CW say that fans can expect the show to dive into the deep end of the time travel pool, which will cause some serious consequences for the show going forward.

"We are diving deep into the time-travel element and it is going to be wild," Grant Gustin, The Flash himself, says.

 "It's ultimately why I signed on to this job. Not to play a scientist, but to play a time-traveling bandit," says Tom Cavanagh, who plays Harrison Wells/The Reverse-Flash. "In comic books, when you start talking about time travel — if anybody has followed The Flash, then they know Reverse-Flash and The Flash are not just doing this right now in the present day. They have a long history and there's nothing that we're not going to pursue when we try to tell the story. We're trying to tell all of it." 

"I think it would be fun if it totally changed the show for season two," Gustin says.

The Flash airs Tuesday Nights on The CW.