Carmella and James Ellsworth Have Officially Abandoned the PG Era (Video)

If you haven't noticed, the dynamic between Carmella and her boy toy, James Ellsworth has made an interesting transition. Not long ago, Ellsworth needled WWE fans by skipping alongside Ms. Money in the Bank and cutting inflammatory promos. However, now Ellsworth has lost his talking privileges and actually wears a dog collar. Oddly no one in WWE has acknowledged the elephant, or sex slave in the room.

In a recent video from, Carmella is acting more like a dominatrix than a pet owner. The sexual overtones of the footage are undeniable and make for a stark abandonment of the PG Era. This cocktail of bondage and role play may have actually has trouble making the air in the envelope-pushing Attitude Era, but here we are in 2017 and James Ellsworth is being reduced to a submissive, non-verbal creature.

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As irony has it, most fans already associated Ellsworth as being some kind of sub-human life form, so him assuming the role of Carmella's barking servant isn't too far of a stretch. WWE has yet to reference the strange development, and due to the constrictions of PG programming, they may continue to "ignore" it.

The real question is where is this going? A Dog House Match? An S&M Cage Math? Who knows, but WWE certainly has our attention.

Carmella and Ellsworth have been one of the best subplots in WWE this year. And, as Ms. Money in the Bank, the BDSM duo will stay all too relevant. For those who have been wishing for an edgier WWE, it's time to show your support for WWE's most eccentric couple.