Did Neville Walk Out on WWE?

This afternoon, a story started making rounds on the internet that former Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, walked out of WWE during last night's RAW show.

In what originally was treated as a rumor, Neville's departure may have some truth to it. The news broke from a few fans' Twitter accounts but was ratified by Pro Wrestling Sheet.

The story goes that Neville was originally supposed to lose to Enzo Amore during last night's Cruiserweight Championship match. Apparently, Neville wasn't too enthused about the idea and left the arena. This would explain the sudden injection of Kalisto in the title match.

Right now, there's not much more than hearsay and unnamed sources, but we can confirm that the original plan was for Neville to be in RAW's main event. While no one has corroborated on why he was absent, it sounds like there's still more to this story.

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If Neville did storm out of Monday Night RAW, let's hope it was a temporary lapse in judgment. Neville's surge into dominance has been a blast to watch. He is unconditionally one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE. Until the arrival of Enzo Amore, Neville was easily the only reason to watch the Cruiserweight show.

It's not hard to imagine Neville being disgruntled. Having endured some tough challenges on the main roster, he was forced to re-invent himself. To his credit, he did and has made the case to be WWE's MVP of 2017.

Many forget that Neville was the original figurehead of NXT. Peers like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have gone on to become more relevant in WWE, but perhaps Neville's opportunities are on the way, provided he's still with the company.