Watch Kofi Kingston Keep His Twerk Promise in the Streets of Las Vegas

When the New Day beat their bitter rivals in the Usos last night on SmackDown, they became 4-time WWE Tag Team Champions. However, something bigger was on the line. In the same moment the referee counted 3, a prophecy was fulfilled.

On Sunday, Kofi Kingston tweeted his schedule for the week. As you'll notice, Tuesday expected to be quite the busy day.

A man of his word, not only did Kofi and Big E whoop the Usos to become new SmackDown Tag Team Champions but Kofi kept his twerking promise.

We love a man that keeps his word here at Pop Culture. Congratulations for Kofi and the New Day. If only we all had a reason to twerk in the streets of Las Vegas...

But Kofi's prophecy wasn't the only one that was fulfilled on Tuesday night. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE wants The New Day to be regarded as the greatest tag team of all time. Having already eclipsed Demolition for the longest reign there's one more pie in the sky to chase: the record for a number of championships.

Both the Hardyz and Edge and Christian have held the tag belts 7 times, while the Dudley Boyz have 9 turns on top.With their win last night, New Day took one step forward on the Candyland board as they sit at 4 championship reigns.

There's no set time frame for The New Day to etch their names at the top of tag team wrestling, but expect the New Day to win the belts at every opportunity they get. Their summer-long feud with the Usos has been by far their best action and WWE will likely keep them in a program until there's nothing left to squeeze.

It's far too likely that we're already taking the New Day for granted. So let the is be a reminder to appreciate that a trio that will be synonymous with this current era of WWE. Congrats, guys!