Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons


Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons

Are The Hype Bros Breaking Up?

The Hype Bros lost their match last night on SmackDown. While that's not exactly big news, what happened afterward might be. At this moment, all signs point to the Hype Bros becoming a thing of WWE's past.

After being defeated by Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin, Mojo Rawley hung around for a show of good sportsmanship. However, Zack Ryder did not.

Even though Ryder was the one who stormed off, it was Rawley who was more dejected after to the match. When SmackDown went off the air, Mojo expressed his disappointment the Hype Bros' efforts.

While upset, it sounds like Mojo is at least interested in keeping the team together. However the same may not be said for Ryder. On top of his aloof exit from their match, Ryder posted the following tweet this morning.

"I signed my WWE Developmental contract when I was 20 years old. I've been on the main roster for over a decade. I worked my ass off to come back ASAP this year after knee surgery. After our loss last night on SmackDown Live, Mojo said he was disappointed. I think we finally have something in common."

While nothing has been made official it sure seems like a break-up is inevitable. There does seem like WWE has created room for a nice reconciliation as well, but in wrestling, we pay to see people fight, not be friendly.

If this is the end for the Hype Bros it's a little sad. While they were never going to be The Legion of Doom, Ryder and Rawley had some interesting chemistry. A break up would probably benefit Rawley more so than Ryder. While Mojo is cut from the same obnoxious cloth as Enzo Amore, he has potential in WWE.

WWE will likely address this situation on its nose on next week's SmackDown. At this moment it sure looks like the Hype Bros are finished.