Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons


Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons

Carmella Shows Us How to Perfectly Deal with Internet Trolls

Twitter is the perfect place for trolls. The ability to say anything, no matter how lewd, and stay behind the protection of a keyboard is all too appealing for most trolls. Even further, if things get too rowdy, they can cover their tracks by deleting tweets or conveniently "block" their enemies. There's no handbook on how to deal with trolls, but Carmella may have just written the forward.

Yesterday, a particularly passive-aggressive troll expressed his negative opinion on Ms. Money in the Bank:

"no offense but u have Mic skills but no in-ring skills to compliment it. Boggles my mind as to why and how you're Ms. MITB."

Instead of calling him a loser or mocking his lack of followers, or disparaging his way of life, Carmella chose the high road.

"Not offended babe. I don't listen to little internet trolls like you anyway. Hope you have a fabulous night 💋"

A Kiss Emoji?? Clearly, Carmella sent this tweet after a long meditation session or FaceTime with the Dhali Lama. Seriously, we need Carmella in the White House as President Trump's Twitter Supervisor, because this is how we should all handle negatively on the internet.

While it can be fun to spray trolls with the same faith they brought to your doorstep, its best to ignore them or treat the m with a light dose of sarcasm. However, it;s possible that Carmella has simply reached a high plane when it comes to handling trolls. For nearly all of 2017, she's been attached to the biggest troll in WWE, James Ellsworth.

Carmella has potential to be a special talent in WWE. By becoming the 1st Women's MITB winner it's clear that WWE has a vested interest in her future. Now, if she could just figure out when to cash in that briefcase of hers...