Fan Shares Photo of Alarmingly Thin RAW Attendance

Last night was a rare occurrence for WWE. For the first time in a while, RAW featured Roman Reigns, John Cena, Braun Strowman, and Brock Lesnar. While the actual viewership may be good, the poor audience is worthy of a dubious People's Eyebrow.

A fan who attended the Anaheim show shared a photo of a sparse crowd.

On a closer look, we can see the Nia Jax video loaded up on the monstrous WWE screen. Jax appeared right in the middle of the 3-hour show so this looks to be an honest image.

Maybe everyone simultaneously went to the bathroom? Maybe the entire Los Angeles borough packed into local pubs to watch their newly adopted LA Chargers? Maybe they're boycotting WWE misuse of Sami Zayn? Who knows.

Considering No Mercy is 13 days away should WWE be concerned that their message isn't connecting with fans? Well, considering that the pay-per-view, is only about 20 miles from this area, the wrestling fans in that area may be wanting to go to the bigger show. Even the most die hard of WWE fans would have trouble reconciling attending 2 WWE shows in less than 2 weeks.

That said, the poor attendance is by no means a good. If WWE locally advertised Cena, Reigns, Strowman, and Lesnar for weeks (they likely did) then this isn't the greatest exhibition of their drawing power.

1 show, whether good or bad, is a tiny sample size. Considering WWE unrolls their circus about 5 times a week, the law of averages says that some of them will have less than desirable crowds. However, if No Mercy looks like this, then WWE may indeed have a problem.

But we don;t foresee that happening. No Mercy arguably has the best card of 2017. armed with the John Cena/Roman Reigns Dream Match as well at the monstrous Strowman/Lesnar bout, No Mercy is bursting with significance. As juicy as it is to write "WWE is in trouble" that's just simply not the case.