Shinsuke Nakamura Plays a Prank on WWE Fan

The great thing about humor is that it can transcend any language barrier. Although Shinsuke Nakamura's English is certainly improving, he does his best talking in the ring. However, that doesn't stop him from having some non-verbal fun with fans sitting in the front row.

Shinsuke had a dark match after the 205 Live taping this Tuesday where he teamed with AJ Styles against Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens. After their win, Styles and Nakamura took a victory lap to show their love to nearby fans.

Instead of just posing for a selfie, Nakamura took the camera himself. And then "stole" it:

@shinsukenakamura pretends to stash someone's phone in his pants 😂 #SDLIVE #WWE

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The light-hearted moment endeared Shinsuke with his new WWE fan base. Nakamura has chops for comedy and is comfortable letting loose with fans even during his matches. Small details like this could help set the foundation for Nakamura's run at the top of WWE.

In less than two weeks, The King of Strong Style will challenge Jinder Mahal for his WWE championship at SummerSlam. Without questions, it will be the biggest match of their WWE careers. Currently, Nakamura is the betting favorite sitting at -220. This is by no means an overwhelming number, and it would change drastically over the next 10 days.

That said, can we expect Nakamura to leave SummerSlam Champion? Well, we first need to answer if he will beat Jinder Mahal. Our guess would be yes, but that doesn't mean Nakamura will walk out of Barclay with the WWE Championship. The Lone Wolf currently lurks in the shadows with his Money in the Bank contract. Although he has his own massive match with John Cena to be worried about, he still may factor into Nakamura/Mahal.

For speculation's sake, it's easy to imagine Corbin at least attempting a cash-in on the main event's winner. WWE has indicated time and time again that they are high on Corbin and may be ready to make him Champion. There's a lot of moving parts to this scenario, but that's a wonderful thing.