WWE's James Ellsworth Crushes Becky Lynch on Twitter

After serving a 30-day suspension, James Ellsworth made his return to SmackDown Live this Tuesday. He was right back to his mischievous ways as Carmella's scrawny henchman and assisted in her pinning SmackDown Women's Champion, Naomi in a non-title match.

Needless to say, the mere appearance of Ellsworth irked many fans. However, it was Becky Lynch who may be most disgusted by his return:

Becky may not have anticipated a retort from Ellsworth and even if she did, she couldn't have foreseen this knockout blow:

Ouch! Perhaps knowing she's been defeated, Becky has yet to return an insult. Not long ago, Becky was trying to start a grassroots movement for an actual match against Ellsworth and while it never caught fire, it may be something WWE stuck in their back pocket.

Despite what fans think about Ellsworth, they cannot deny his effectiveness. In just one night, he added intrigue (and maybe disgust) to the entire SmackDown Women's division. In his absence, Carmella has been arbitrary. If Tuesday taught us anything, it's that Ellsworth is highly valuable to Carmella and her career.

Naturally, Ellsworth and Carmella teased Natalya about a potential cash-in at SummerSlam. For WWE, this may be the best option as the nefarious duo still have their heat from Money in the Bank. If WWE waits too long, Carmella may lose steam, especially if Ellsworth keeps getting suspended. Maybe there's an angle to be had too. What if Becky Lynch were to get involved in the cash-in, perhaps stopping it from happening? Or maybe Carmella cashes in and her first defense is against the Lass Kicker?

Oddly both Lynch and Charlotte Flair are currently off the SummerSlam card. They've been an integral part of the Women's Revolution having rarely missed any pay-per-view opportunity. Maybe they're due to sit out SummerSlam.