Becky Lynch Goes Straight Fire in Latest WWE Twitter Beef

Becky Lynch has been living up to her nickname of "Straight Fire" both in and out of the ring lately. The Irish Lasskicker has proved she won't back down from a fight on Twitter, engaging in several feuds over the last week.

This latest example comes following her recent and back-and-forth with UFC star Cristiane Justino (aka Cris Cyborg), which supposedly may lead to a future match between the two- possibly even as soon as SummerSlam.

More recently, the Irish Lasskicker has found herself in a different feud, this time with fellow WWE Women's Division star Lana.

It all started when Lana inserted herself into Becky's petition to the WWE Network, following a fans suggestion she and longtime friend Charlotte Flair ought to have their own program called "Tea Time With Becky and Charlotte"

However, the Ravishing Russian may be punching above her weight-class, as she likely didn't expect Becky to clap back so brutally.

Lana didn't take Lynch's dismissal sitting down (or dancing in a chair), instead resorting to a bit of classic heel language. But maybe she should have thought twice before kicking the hornets nest....

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As could be expected, Lynch got one final burn at her SmackDown Live competitor's expense, unleashing her signature "Maiden Ireland" brand of "Straight Fire"

Fans reactions on twitter were as hilarious as one might expect. But given the recent cancellation of Talking Smack for this type of unscripted "shoot" talking....

By comparison, the men of WWE are keeping their smack talk short and to the point, compared to their women's division counterparts and high-profile prize fighters like Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather.

When Corey Graves publicly tweeted a flirty emoji to Bayley, the former WWE Women's Champion's real-life fiance and professional wrestler Aaron Solow let the WWE announcer know he was watching.

Graves' tweet fuels rumors of an undercooked love-interest storyline developing between he and Bayley in the near future- possibly sooner than any more interesting evolution of her character that Bayley or her fans might have hopes for.

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As for Becky and Lana, they'll go head to head in the ring in a five-way elimination match alongside Charlotte, Natalya and Tamina at WWE Battleground next Sunday, July 23rd, to determine who will become the number one contender to Naomi's SmackDown women's championship title.