Scott Hall Tweets Support To Paige

The wrestling world has been turned upside down by the shocking sex scandal of WWE's Paige, Xavier Woods, and former WWE star Brad Maddox. Late last week, explicit photos and videos of the former Diva's Champion surfaced online that came from a phone hack. Paige had commented about the invasion of privacy, and both friends and family have come out with waves of support. 

Over the weekend, though, a WWE Hall of Famer reached out to Paige over his Twitter account and is no stranger to controversy and scandal himself: Scott Hall. 

paige scott hall
(Photo: WWE)

Hall has been the subject of scrutiny for years due to his battle with alcohol and drug addiction. At his lowest, the wrestling legend appeared at wrestling shows under an obvious influence was booed out of arenas. He was featured in the Jake Roberts documentary and how "Diamond" Dallas Page came to his rescue and help him find a healing path. 

The message was short and simple, but any support at this time seems beneficial. 

This could play out similarly to the Seth Rollins nude scandal two years ago and since Paige didn't willingly release these herself, it could blow over eventually, but for now I expect WWE to cool down on having her come back in the near future. 

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