Kevin Hart Denied Post-Super Bowl Stage Access by Security

As the Philadelphia Eagles celebrated winning their first Super Bowl championship trophy in history, comedian Kevin Hart attempted to make his way onto the stage in the middle of the field to join the players. Security wasn't having it, stopping the celebrity at the front of the staircase as the Lombardi Trophy made its way onto the stage.

Hart later crashed a televised player interview on NFL Network, admitting that he'd been drinking that night.

"I've been drinking," Hart said. "I'm on cloud nine. I started the celebration early. It was supposed to happen. "

He also accidentally dropped the f— bomb during his interview.

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor was born and raised in Philadelphia. After almost being hit by a street car in Minneapolis earlier in the week, Hart made the outrageous prediction that his Eagles would beat the New England Patriots 83-6. They did not, but they still pulled off a 41-33 victory over five-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Social media had a good laugh over Hart's embarassment.

"I’m embarrassed for Kevin Hart right now," @JamieErdahl wrote.

"Kevin Hart really acted like they were gonna let him speak," @batdaughter86 tweeted.

"It was time somebody humbled Kevin Hart," @teemarae commented.

"Security guard playing better defense on Kevin Hart than either team did in the game," Deadspin joked on Twitter.