'Hawaii Five-0': Fans React to Character's Suicide Attempt History

Hawaii Five-0's newest episode revealed one of its main character's tragic reason for moving to the island.

Hawaii Police Department Captain Lou Grover (Chi McBride) faced his demons head on as he tried to talk down a man named Brad (guest star Devon Sawa) from shooting himself in his car.

During the tense hour, the show explored Grover's past working as a police officer in Chicago, where he had a similar experience trying to save someone from committing suicide, but ultimately failed.

Blaming himself for the family's suffering, flashbacks showed how depression led Grover to nearly end his own life seven years before, only to be interrupted by a crashing noise in his house which turned out to be his son skipping school.

"I tell myself that if my sun hadn't cut school I wouldn't have gone through with it... but truth is I don't know," Grover told Brad.

The episode, elevated by McBride's touching performance, ended with Grover stopping Brad from hurting himself. At the end of the episode, in flashbacks, viewers saw how, in his final group therapy session, Grover tells another attendee he needs to leave Chicago to move on from his suicide attempt. He promises to move somewhere warm.

Hawaii Five-0 fans sounded off on social media about suicide prevention and the importance of episodes, and stories, like this one.