Twitter Trashes Olivia Munn's Rap Opening for Critics' Choice Awards

Olivia Munn did not get great reviews from Twitter for her rap opening at the Critics' Choice Awards. Jay Pharoah was by her side to help out, but the opening didn't turn out quite right.

Munn also performed the rap with a key-tar, which Twitter thought was strange.

As the performance went on, Munn got a little bit better, but that didn't please her real-time Twitter critics.

Munn also made a joke about wishing the critics aren't anti-Semitic. That came after a monologue where Munn just pointed out the A-listers in the crowd.

Some Twitter users were not impressed with Pharoah.

Another user thought Munn's dress was terrible.

The "attendance" gags were also wearing thin.

The Critics' Choice Awards are airing on The CW Thursday. The awards are chosen by the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association. The Big Sick won Best Comedy. James Franco won Best Actor in a Comedy, but his win was announced before the broadcast.

Photo credit: The CW