Burger King Is Bringing Back Its Angry Collection

Burger King is bringing back its angry collection — but only for a limited time.

The Sun reports that the spicy meals, which are amped-up versions of a few of Burger King's regular offerings, include the Angry Whopper, Angry Chicken Tendercrisp and the Angry Angus.

The Angry Whoppers feature hot sauce baked right into the bun, adding crispy onions, “Angry sauce” and jalapenos for an extra punch.

The Chicken Tendercrisp adds "angry onions" and spicy peppers, while the Angry Angus features the same ingredients as the Whopper but with a thicker patty.

The publication shares that the collection is in Burger King restaurants as of Wednesday.

Aside from the Angry Collection, new mozzarella sticks will also be added to the menu.

Photo Credit: Burger King



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