Conor McGregor Returning to UFC

After being defeated by Floyd Mayweather in a 10-round bout this past Saturday, Conor McGregor plans on returning to the octagon for his next fight.

Following the highly anticipated event held in Las Vegas this past weekend, UFC president Dana White explained that the Irish superstar isn't going to be pursuing a career in boxing full-time, but rather going to getting back to his roots as an MMA champ.

"We're going to go back to the UFC, and do what we do," White said during an interview with TMZ. "[McGregor] came out tonight with limited weapons. He's a mixed martial artist at the end of the day. He fought tonight under different rules with limited weapons against the best to ever do it and looked damn good doing it."

When asked if he was disappointed in McGregor losing the match, White says that he is "not at all" upset.

"Not at all. So proud of the kid. Think about this, when you turn professional in boxing, you have to do four-round fights. Then you move up to six-round fights. Then you move up to eight-round fights, etc.," White said.

"That kid went out there tonight, 0-0 in boxing ... and went 10 rounds with the best to ever do it," he said.

White isn't sure which fighter will be McGregor's next opponent, but he is sure that his next fight will definitely be in the octagon with the UFC.

Given that the fight propelled McGregor to a higher level of stardom, White isn't worried about McGregor taking his talents to Hollywood either.

"I don't know about movies. He's a fighter, not a movie star," White said.

Mayweather, 40, emerged victorious in the fight to extend his record to a perfect 50-0. As for McGregor, he is now 0-1 in boxing, but his UFC record stands at 21-3, with 18 KO's.