Serena Williams Dances Like No One's Watching While Flaunting Incredible Abs

We're used to seeing Serena Williams' skill on the court, but we never knew she was so gifted in the dance department!

The newly engaged 35-year-old tennis pro posted a video to her Instagram dancing in her sports bra to Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself". In the video, an ad for Australian intimates company Berlei, Williams showed off some serious freestyle moves.

"Sometimes we are all so serious and we forget to have fun - and I know that’s me a lot of the time, but it’s so important to have passions in your life that are just for you," she wrote in the caption.

During the (pretty intense) dance session, Williams' bra didn't need adjusting once — and looked super comfortable with full coverage. 

Do you have any Berlei apparel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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