This Is the Day of the Year Couples Have the Most Sex

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Research has determined what day of the year leads to couples having the most sex, and you may have already missed out.

As Men's Health points out, sex toy company Lovehoney polled 2000 people about their sex lives and determined that more couples would be having sex on July 1 than any other day. And to be exact, they'll most likely be doing at 7:37 p.m.

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The determination was done by breaking down what months, time of months, days of the week and times of day couples were most sexually active.

The study found that 24 percent of couples get intimate the most during July, with August and June shortly after. November came in dead last, with zero couples claiming to have sex the most then.

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When it came to what day of the week was most popular, it was quite an obvious choice: Saturday.

Saturdays are a day off, with no work the next day for most people. Friday has the stress of a work day behind it, and Sunday has the stress of having a day of work ahead. So less exhaustion and less worries make for the prime time for sex, apparently.

They were also able to determine couples have sex the earlier in the month, hence the first Saturday, and the average time worked out to 7:37 p.m.

While July 1 may have just passed, there's still plenty of time to spice things up in the bedroom before the next time it rolls around.


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