This Toy Store Stuffed Hamster Vibrates and Makes Sex Noises When You Play With It

Imagine the surprise of Salisbury, England, couple Luke and Francesca King when they found a vibrating, sex-noise-making stuffed hamster... in a toy store.

The Kings came across the stuffed hamster (named Bam Bam) while shopping for their neice and pressed the "try me" button, only to turn it off after a few embarrassing moments.

"It started coming out with very unusual sounds for a kids' toy," Luke told Daily Mail. "It was making these screaming sounds and I was like, 'Oh my God.'"

"It sounded like a woman engaging in sexual activity. It definitely raised a few eyebrows."

The hamster, made by IMC Toys, is marketed as "your new bouncy friend! He jumps and bounce without stopping, and make different sounds! His amusing jumps are in time with the sounds they make." 

"You would think it would get to the marketing or developing stage and someone would think, 'Hold on a sec, this doesn't sound right,'" Luke said.

What do you think about the toy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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