Do Not Disturb: 50 Reasons to Get Busy Tonight

Your life is crazy. You've got a job, kids to wrangle, lunches to pack, carpets to vacuum, soccer practices to coach and even more. When you take a shower that's longer than five minutes, it's a good day. Despite all that, you can't forget the importance of your sex life. It's an important part of every healthy relationship and both you and you partner deserve to have a little fun! Here are 50 reasons to get busy tonight.

1. Sex is fun! Yes, sex was created for procreation, but it's fun for a reason! It releases all kinds of feel-good hormones and brings you and your partner closer. Take some time to enjoy each other.

2. Make it a competition. We have a mini-challenge for you! Try out Skinny Mom's 7 Days of Sexy and you won't be able to keep your hands off each other.

3. Your condoms are about to expire — and we can't let those go to waste.


4. It gives you a chance to show off the bod you've been working on in the gym. Did you know that hitting the gym can spark your sex drive?

5. Because after you eat these five foods, your sex drive will be supercharged!

6. Orgasms are good for your health! So if not for any other reason, be a little selfish in the bedroom for that. Read more on the big O's health benefits here.

7. Having sex can lead to a healthier heart.

8. Sex can reduce stress.

9. So you can try out these 21 questions on your partner!

10. Intimacy is good for your relationship.

11. Having an orgasm can cure your aches and pains! "I have a headache" is no longer a worthy excuse to give your hubby, ladies.

12. Having sex burns calories! Let that be an excuse to have some morning sex the next day too.

13. You can show off your most flattering lingerie. Click here to see the most flattering bedroom-ware for all shapes and sizes.

(Photo: ModCloth)

14. Because you're going to have to get up anyway. There's a good chance the baby will need changed or one of the kids will need a cup of water in 10 minutes. Might as well enjoy the time in between!

15. You can save water. Shower with your man! Save some of the water by getting squeaky clean together.

16. Sex can cure your PMS! Read more about it here.

17. Use it to procrastinate. Don't feel like folding the laundry right now? Grab your husband for a quick rump!

18. Sex has tons of health benefits! Read about them here.

19. You can use your yoga moves in the bedroom. These 7 moves are definitely helpful in bed.

20. Because you can use these 15 tips to heat up your bedroom TONIGHT!

21. This article can convince your hubby that more chores for him can lead to more sex!


22. There's no better way to start the day. Wake your man up to a little morning sex before you let the responsibilities of life settle in for the day.

23. You just shaved your legs. With your crazy life, a smooth calf is reason enough! Show off those sexy legs in the bedroom.

24. Because your legs aren't the only thing you shaved.

25. It's cold outside. Warm yourself up with some skin-to-skin contact.

26. Makeup sex. Had an argument? Reconcile over a bottle of wine and a frolic in the sheets.

27. Have sex so you can try out these 6 different ways to spice things up

28. To make a baby!

29. To celebrate not being pregnant, but you'll use extra protection this time.

30. Because "female Viagra" exists to help you get back to the bedroom. Learn all you need to know about "female Viagra" here.

31. Because you deserve it.


32. Have sex so you can try sleeping naked. Sleeping naked has a lot of hidden benefits... one being that it leads to sex.

34. Your husband will love the surprise of an afternoon delight! Why is afternoon sex better? For one, it's a nice change of pace. Learn more here.

35. Because there's nothing good on TV. Skip a late-night talk show and get it on.

36. So you can try out a little tantra! Read more about it here.

37. Because one of your girlfriends mentioned a new position. 

38. You'll be feeling super sexy after following these 5 tips.

39. Do it to prove you aren't in a rut. Break a dry spell! That way when your girlfriends complain about their dead bedroom, you can boast.

40. Send a flirty mid-afternoon text, come home and finish the job right!

41. Sex can help you sleep better. What's a better way to tire yourself out before bed than getting tangled up with your partner? Plus, sex releases oxytocin in the brain, which is a great sleep aid.

42. Do it in the morning for a good excuse not to get out of bed yet. 

43. Because we can teach you how to give your man a sensual massage


44. Because it's a great excuse to cuddle when you're done! Read more about how cuddling is scientifically proven to improve your relationship.

45. Hit the sheets because the laundry still has 10 minutes left in the wash.

46. Because you're feeling extra sexy today. If you had an especially good hair day today, go ahead and end the day by messing it up.

47. Your partner has been stressed and needs some special attention.

48. Do it because the baby is finally asleep and you have alone time.

49. Have sex because you need a distraction. If somethings bothering you, whether it's work, the in-laws or a daunting to-do list, distract yourself with your hubby!

50. For love.