'Celebrity Big Brother': Fans Do Not Believe Omarosa's Asthma Attack

Omarosa Manigault's asthma attack was seen on Sunday night's Celebrity Big Brother, leading the house guests puzzled about where she was. Some at home were suspicious though, thinking she might have faked it.

The former White House staffer ran off after a game of Bowlerina. She could not knock down a single bowling pin in the game, which ended with Ross Matthews winning Head of the Household. Every house guest sat around wondering where she was, and some even thought she was not coming back at all. But others suspected she would have been right back if the game went her way. Ross wondered who he would target for eviction if Omarosa was gone.

As HoH, Ross was responsible for telling the other house guests that Omarosa was fine and was coming back to the game. It was a big sigh of relief for Keshia Knight Pulliam, Omarosa's biggest ally. The episode ended with Ross nominating Pulliam and Omarosa for eviction.

Those watching at home were not as caring as the house guests. They suggested Omarosa left because she did not do well. Others who have experience with asthma thought it was strange for her not to have an inhaler with her.

The HoH competition was taped on Friday, and news of her health scare leaked on Saturday. However, she returned to the Big Brother household later.

Omarosa is easily the most famous member of the first U.S. Celebrity Big Brother cast, since the Apprentice alum worked in the Trump White House last year. In an earlier episode this season, she said she would not vote for Trump again.

Here are some of the reactions to Omarosa's health scare from fans at home.