Here's All the Drama That Went Down on Last Night's 'Teen Mom 2'

Monday's episode of Teen Mom 2 was, naturally, full of drama, with Briana DeJesus celebrating her baby shower, Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry dealing with potential court time and Leah Messer seeking a school aid for her daughter Ali.

DeJesus' shower got heated when her ex-boyfriend Dre arrived, with her ex-boyfriend, Luis upset about the situation. Luis had arrived with a camera and two friends, which DeJesus' family found "disrespectful."

“Get the f--k out of here,” DeJesus told Luis. “This is a sh-t show. I’m trying to pull my sh-t together.”

Following the incident, she revealed to her family that she and Luis were no longer together and that he had cheated on her, and her family made sure to tell her they would be by her side no matter what.

Evans is currently in a custody battle over her eldest son, Jace, with her mother, Barbara, with the two arriving in court to hash out the details. Jace is currently under Barbara's custody, and the scene cut as the two arrived in the courtroom.

"If she got him back or not … there’s no more relationship between us,” Barbara said. “I think it will ruin [his] life.”

Lowry may also be facing her own court case, as her ex Jo Rivera, father of Lowry's son Issac, revealed he may take Lowry back to court to adjust their custody agreement as he is worried about the stability of Issac's home life due to Lowry's busy schedule.

Chelsea Houska also spent some one-on-one time with her daughter, Aubree, and used the time to ask Aubree what it's like when she goes to visit her dad, Adam Lind. The daughter shared by the two told her mother, Houska that Lind often sleeps when she visits.

Messer was able to secure a school aid for her daughter, Ali, who has muscular dystrophy.

“It’s really taking an emotional toll," Messer said.

Photo Credit: MTV