People Were Highly Concerned During Pink's Daredevil AMAs Performance

Pink has never been one to do subtle, and her most recent performance at the American Music Awards last night had everyone talking.

Dangling off of the side of the Los Angeles J.W. Marriott hotel, she sang the title track off her newest album, β€œBeautiful Trauma.” The gravity-defying wire act, which she was caught practicing earlier in the week, had the 38-year-old singer swinging from window to window, flipping over other dancers, and giving her fans bouts of worry and concern.

β€œErr, what if pink’s stunt goes wrong,” one person wrote on Twitter, expressing the same concern that just about everyone watching the AMAs had.

β€œI'm fine with her just standing there singing minus the stunt,” another fan tweeted, adding in #SafetyFirst.

Another fan was so worried that they begged Twitter to save them from this heart attack.

But even though the performance had everyone anxiously sitting on the edges of their seats both in awe and fear, one fan summed it up perfectly.

While Pink wasn't nominated for any awards, she definitely took everyone's breath away with that performance.