Cutting out This Specific Daily Habit Helped One Woman Transform Her Body

Fitness Instagrammer Maggie Fierro loves showing off her toned muscular body now, but there was a time when the active woman didn’t feel so comfortable with her body.

✖️There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.✖️ - - Things I've learned in the last couple of years.. my tidbits of wisdom if you will.. haha 👇🏼 - - ⚡️ COMMITMENT because you're not always gonna be motivated. - - ⚡️ CONSISTENCY because anything worth doing takes time. - - ⚡️ SACRIFICE because there will be things you may have to give up for a time to reach your goals. - - ⚡️ BALANCE because what's the point of any of it if you're only gonna be miserable and not enjoy your life. - - ⚡️ GRACE because you're not perfect and you need to give yourself a break. - - One last thing, remember that your journey is YOURS and will look completely different from anyone else so trust the process and don't compare. Be confident that you will reach whatever goals you have. Love you all xx - - - - #transformationtuesday #fitinspiration #fitspo #fitmom #fitnessblogger #fitnessjourney #postpartumbody #bootygoals #bootyworkout #bootywerk #bbgmums #bbgmoms #bbggirls #bbgprogress #sweatwithkayla #lifting #iifymwomen #flexibleeating #healthyfoodporn #momboss #momlife #momsthatlift #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #fitnesstransformation #bodypositive #strongwoman #womenempowerment #fitgirl #fitchica

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Four months after giving birth to her third child, Fierro stepped on the scale to see 166 pounds. “To be honest, I even had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror, and taking that before picture was actually very difficult for me to do, but I knew something had to change,” she told Popsugar.

Of the biggest changes she made to her lifestyle, Fierro realized late-night snacking was her sneakiest habit, so she swapped it for a healthier choice.

“I used working out to de-stress at night instead of [eating] food,” the mom said. And though her routines don’t always go as planned (as evidenced by the Instagram post below), she views these slips as lessons learned and keeps charging forward.

You guys!! We're all about honesty here right?!?! Ok here it goes 👉🏼 Yesterday was a CRAZY busy day and tbh my food intake suffered! You know when you get busy and pretty much eat on the go all day long?? So here's what I'm admitting to.. - - I had the most rockstar upper body workout last night with my babe @sweat_bbg but shortly after was FAMISHED.. thankfully I found a @squareorganics in my bag which saved me for the 45 min drive home BUT you guys.. when I got there I was like a monster 😂👹🙈 It started innocently with a mango which turned into a couple handfuls of soup cracker/blue potato chips AND half a watermelon 😬 All after midnight! - - So as you could prob imagine.. woke up with a nice food/bloat baby this morning that I have named Ted 😜 Thankfully I'm at the point where I no longer beat myself up. I didn't rush to drink an elimination tea or went to do and hour of cardio because I felt guilty.. I just know that when I eat consistently through the day I don't usually go crazy before bed. So anyway, lesson learned.. make sure you eat balanced and don't restrict even on accident cause then you'll become a monster like me 😉 (haha.. soundtrack: The Lego Movie) - - - #30secondtransformation #transformation #fitnessblogger #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #strongissexy #strongaf #strongwoman #eatgoodfood #foodbabies #beforeandafter #fitmom #fitnessinspiration #fitmama #healthyfoodporn #heathyfood #healthylifestyle #saturdaynight #iifym #iifymwomen #iifymgirls #babesofinstagram #strongnotskinny #stronger #bootygoals #bootywerk #buttworkout #bootyworkout #foodbabyadventures

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She also notes that while she eats mostly plant-based meals and avoids processed foods, Fierro doesn’t restrict her diet to any extreme. "If I'm out and I'm craving pizza, I will absolutely have pizza,” she admitted.

When Fierro began her fitness journey, she followed fitness programs like Kayla Itsines’ BBG, tried low-intensity workouts, then mixed some HIIT moves into her routine.

Now that she’s more familiar with the fitness scene and has set new goals for her body, she often mixes weightlifting and HIIT exercises for toned, defined muscles six days a week. She even sneaks in a quick jump rope routine before she puts her kids to bed!

Though she’s lost 26 pounds, Fierro has transformed the look of her body and taken control of her health. When she started her fitness journey, she set a goal weight of 120 pounds, but that number seems to have been thrown out her window (and for good reason!).

“When I started, I set my 'goal' weight at 120 pounds because in the past that's where I thought I looked best. However, I restricted my calories and practically starved my body to reach that. Now, I feel healthier and happier than I've ever felt. It's just proof that a number doesn't matter,” she said.