TLC Star Audrey Roloff Shares an Interesting Sex Tip for Married Couples

(Photo: Twitter / @livekattyhudson)

When it comes to being open, vulnerable and incredibly honest, Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is not afraid to keep it real. Especially when it comes to what works in the bedroom. 

On her blog Beating50Percent, Roloff recently opened up about the one thing she and her husband Jeremy do to keep things intimate and hot in between the sheets, but it's not what you'd expect. 

No weird position suggestions or roleplay ideas here. No, Roloff suggests something a little more interesting - reciting your wedding vows. 

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"We both brought our crumpled paper vows with us on our honeymoon and had planned to reread them to each other again at some point," she said. "Then I had this crazy idea... What if we read our vows to each other while having sex?"

So, one night on their honeymoon while they waited out a Jamaican thunderstorm, Roloff brought her idea to her new husband, who apparently was game. Without going into details, Roloff said, "It was the most intimate thing we have ever done in our marriage, and probably the most intimate thing I have ever done in my life."

It may be unconventional, but Roloff said it has had a profound impact on their marriage. 

"The act of becoming physically and verbally one (at the same time) ensues an ocean of intimacy that I cannot attempt to describe... It's the best version of ‘sex talk.’ Don't think about how it works, just try it," she wrote.

What do you think, Womanistas? Would you try this? 


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