Some of the Most Beloved Items in Your Closet Are Causing Your Back and Neck Pain

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Bad back? It might be your fashion choices. 

New research from the British Chiropractic Association suggests that many of the most popular items in women's closets are causing preventable pain. 

So which items should you consider phasing out of your wardrobe? 

Skinny jeans for one. It turns out our beloved, silhouette-slimming pants are wreaking havoc on our bodies. “They restrict free movement in areas such as hips and knees, affecting how we hold our bodies,” BCA chiropractor Tim Hutchful explains. 

Accessories can also cause big problems. Oversized bags or bags worn on one side of the body can impact your posture and lead to discomfort. Shoes are other major offenders when it comes to your health. Shoes with high heels affect more than just your toes! Even worse than having a heel, might be those shoes that don't have a back.

The last ones on the list are more unexpected. Coats with large, fluffy hoods or dresses with asymmetric hemlines can be enough of a variation to throw off your body.

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Interestingly, the BCA found that one third of women had no idea their clothes could cause a problem. Among those that did, a quarter said that it still didn't influence their shopping decisions. 

Will you be adjusting your fashion choices now that you know?

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