Lauren Conrad Shares Her No-Fail Portion Control Diet Trick

(Photo: Twitter / @LaurenConrad)

Lauren Conrad is a jack-of-all-trades.

She’s a blogger, TV star, entrepreneur and most recently, a mom-to-be. The TV-personality-turned-fashion designer revealed on Instagram that she and husband William Tell are expecting a baby in 2017. We can only imagine the adorable little life this baby will lead. After all—everything Conrad touches is perfect and turns to glitter!

Her positive, upbeat personality is one reason she's becoming so successful at blogging.

“My approach to most things in life has always been to accept it or change it,” the 30-year-old writes.

For Conrad, that meant using her flaws as motivation to work harder and stay in shape.

“As I have grown, I have learned more to love my body for what it is,” she says. “After all, it’s been good to me. It takes me on afternoon hikes and runs alongside my dogs in the sand. It built me the raised beds in my garden and feels strong when I work out at the gym. And, in exchange, I treat my body the best I can. I stay active and feed it healthy food. I let it rest at night and take vitamins to keep it strong. I love my body the way it is because I have treated it well and continued to exercise and feed it healthy food throughout the years. I am all for body confidence, but I am even more for living a healthy lifestyle.”

Conrad admits that the hardest part about staying fit is keeping her portions in check. She regularly consumes healthy foods like salads, whole grains, lean meats and good fats, and doesn’t feel bad if she orders a few sweet potato fries too as long as she’s aware of how many she’s eating.

“My biggest challenge isn’t what I eat, but rather how much of it I eat,” she says. “Since I’ve come to realize this, it’s been easier for me to tap into my weakness and control it.”

She suggests splitting an entree with your friends or partner, or eating off a smaller plate in order to trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more food than you really are.

“Whenever I start to feel full, I give myself 10 to 15 minutes to let my fullness really sink in. I can clear my mind by striking up a conversation at the table, or if I’m eating by myself, taking a quick lap around the house.”

While she’s never been a “diet person,” Conrad admits that the only way she’s kept her figure over the years was by following a lifestyle that made her feel fit without being too hard on herself.

“It’s not about denying yourself that occasional piece of cake (or pie in my case!),” she writes. “It’s about practicing portion control, choosing whole foods over processed ones and of course, staying active.”

Want to work out like Conrad? Try one of the workouts posted on her blog! They range from killer ab exercises to adventure runs.

If you’re feeling brave, you can even try her Jumpstart January challenge!

Week 1: Work out five days a week
Week 2: Say “sayonara” to alcohol
Week 3: Nix processed foods and white sugar
Week 4: Lights out by 11 p.m.
Week 5: Take 10,000 steps a day for a solid week


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