50 Low-Calorie Bread Recipes You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

Treat yourself and the family to the delicious aroma of bread in the oven! We found 50 of your favorite quick bread recipes, all made skinny, so you can enjoy without the guilt.

1. Skinny Pumpkin and Cream Bread: Pumpkin bread with a drool-worthy creamy layer for less than 200 calories a serving? Sign us up! This recipe yields two loaves with eight slices per loaf. Enjoy! Check out the recipe here.

skinny pumpkin and cream bread

2. Skinny Dark Chocolate Zucchini Bread: What if we told you we had a recipe for a chocolatey zucchini bread that is easy to make, delicious, and won’t hurt your waistline? This bread does all that! Get our recipe here!

skinny dark chocolate zucchini bread

3. Pistachio Bread: Sweet and moist, this delicious bread offers a great crunch with the pistachios! Its green color is great for St. Patrick's Day and its flavor is great for every other day of the year! Get our recipe here.

pistachio bread

4. Skinny Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread: Banana bread is a fan favorite; add some chocolate and coconut and you've got yourself a delicious twist that everyone will love! Click here to be taken to this recipe.

skinny coconut chocolate chip banana bread

5. Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Loaf: Need a new breakfast idea? Start your day with this flavorful, fruity treat! Get the recipe here.

blueberry lemon yogurt loaf

6. Skinny Pumpkin Banana Quick Bread: Need breakfast, dessert or a sweet snack? This quick bread recipe is perfect for just that! Get our original recipe here.

pumpkin banana quick bread

7. Skinny Zucchini Bread: Grated zucchini is mixed into the batter along with chopped walnuts, adding texture and a delicious taste to this spice cake. The bread stores great in the freezer and will last for weeks in the refrigerator. To get the recipe, click here.

skinny zucchini bread

8. Skinny Chocolate Chip Banana Bread: If you want to make a classic recipe skinny, try out this Skinny Mom recipe! It's got some great skinny swaps in it so you won't feel guilty! Click here for the recipe.

skinny chocolate chip banana bread

9. Skinny Pumpkin and Cranberry Bread: Enjoy the rich flavors of pumpkin and cranberry when you treat your family to the delicious bread! Get the ingredient list here.

skinny pumpkin and cranberry bread
(Photo: The Skinny Fork)

10. Gluten-Free Banana Bread: Enjoy this delicious bread, regardless of your diet! This recipe is made gluten-free so you can serve it to any guest! Click here for the recipe.

gluten-free banana bread
(Photo: Girl Makes Food)

11. Orange Chocolate Chunk Quick Bread: Pair this bread with a hot cup of coffee and you are guaranteed to have a fabulous morning! (via My Baking Addiction)

orange chocolate chunk quick bread
(Photo: My Baking Addiction)

12. Chai Spiced Banana Bread: The flavor of chai combines beautifully with banana bread. Infuse these two together into a delicious loaf to enjoy for breakfast or a snack. (via Once Upon A Chef)

chai banana bread
(Photo: Once Upon A Chef)

13. Cranberry Nut Bread:  Sweet, orange-scented and made with healthy ingredients, this bread is a delicious option you won't want to pass up. (via Once Upon A Chef)

cranberry nut bread
(Photo: Once Upon A Chef)

14. Chocolate Banana Bread: Take an old time classic and add your favorite flavor: chocolate! It's a hit with the kids and makes for a great breakfast! (via Once Upon  a Chef)

chocolate banana bread
(Photo: Once Upon a Chef)

15. Raspberry Chocolate Chip Quick Bread: For a sweet bread that will cure your cravings, try this delicious recipe! It makes a great pair with your morning coffee. (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Bread
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

16. Chocolate Marble Swirl Banana Bread: This bread doesn't just look cool; it also tastes amazing! It's moist, sweet and great for a dessert! This is also a great idea to bake and give to friend. (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

17. Chia Seed Banana Bread with Pumpkin Cream Cheese: Whether you're craving a fall flavor or you just need something delicious to stuff your face with, this bread recipe is a great choice! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

Chai Banana Bread
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Kaite)

18. Cinnamon Raisin Quick Bread: Cinnamon raisin is a classic taste that you'll find yourself craving when the weather gets colder. For a skinny recipe with bold flavors, try out this recipe! (via Weelicious)

Cinnamon Raisin Quick Bread
(Photo: Weelicious)

19. Gluten-Free Grapefruit Cake: For a super tasty, super moist, cake-like bread, try out this recipe! Its sweet flavor isn't overbearing and makes for a great snack! (via Serious Eats)

gluten-free grapefruit cake
(Photo: Serious Eats)

20. Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread: Love zucchini bread but can't eat it because of your allergy? This gluten-free recipe will change that! It keeps the great flavor and texture while making it accessible to everyone! (via Serious Eats)

gluten-free zucchini bread
(Photo: Serious Eats)

21. Fennel Fig Quick Bread: For a Mediterranean flavor, try out this bread. The fennel, fig and olive oil brings out the flavor while keeping a great texture! This is perfect for an afternoon snack. (via Serious Eats)

fennel fig quick bread
(Photo: Serious Eats)

22. Brown Butter, Honey and Jalapeño Skillet Cornbread: Sweet and savory, this cornbread isn't like what you've been making from a blue box. It's got a delicious balance of flavors and pairs well with our Slow Cooker Turkey Chili. (via Cookie + Kate)

brown butter honey and jalapeno skillet cornbread
(Photo: Cookie + Kate)

23. Banana Trail Mix Bread: Trail mix makes for a great snack, and everyone loves banana  bread, so why not combine the two? You'll end up with a delicious loaf that your kids will love as an afternoon snack! (via Cookie + Kate)

banana trail mix bread
(Photo: Cookie + Kate)

24. Honey Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Bread: This bread is made with 100 percent whole-wheat flour, unrefined coconut oil and sweetened with honey, but you don't need to tell anyone it's healthy! It retains all its amazing texture and flavor. (via Cookie + Kate)

whole wheat pumpkin bread
(Photo: Cookie + Kate)

25. Cranberry Orange Bread: Looking for a sweet treat? This recipe has amazing flavor and can pass for breakfast, dessert or a snack! Eat it quickly though, because your whole family will be trying to get their paws on it! (via Marin Mama Cooks)

cranberry orange bread
(Photo: Marin Mama Cooks)

26. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bundt Bread: Grab your bundt pan and prep that oven! This recipe is perfect for hungry kids after school! (via Marin Mama Cooks)

chocolate chip pumpkin bundt bread
(Photo: Marin Mama Cooks)

27. Skinny Pumpkin Spice and Cream Cheese Bread: It may not be fall anymore, but pumpkin is a flavor that can be enjoyed year-round. This bread makes for a great breakfast or dessert. (via The Skinny Fork)

pumpkin cream cheese bread
(Photo: The Skinny Fork)

28. White Chocolate Chip Banana Bread: You've had banana bread, you might have had chocolate banana bread, but have you had WHITE chocolate banana bread? If the answer is no, it's time to change that! (via Nosh and Nourish)

white chocolate banana bread
(Photo: Photo Credit Nosh and Nourish)

29. Cranberry Banana Bread: Add a little extra fruit to your banana bread with this cranberry version! It's sweet, tasty and perfect for afternoon snacking, not t0 mention it's vegan! (via Nosh and Nourish)

cranberry banana bread
(Photo: Nosh and Nourish)

30. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bread: You LOVE chocolate-covered strawberries, so why not make a delicious loaf of them? This bread is perfect for wrapping up and giving as a thank you gift or just for impressing the family! (via Nosh and Nourish)

chocolate strawberry bread
(Photo: Nosh and Nourish)

31. Greek Yogurt Blueberry Banana Bread: Greek yogurt is a great skinny swap when you're baking, not only because of the great texture it yields, but also because of the calories it can save you! (via Nosh and Nourish)

greek yogurt blueberry banana bread
(Photo: Nosh and Nourish)

32. Whole Wheat Lemon and Yogurt Loaf: Bursting with lemony flavor, this bread is light, moist and hard to put down! (via Shrinking Kitchen)

whole wheat lemony yogurt loaf
(Photo: Shrinking Kitchen)

33. Coconut Chocolate Banana Bread: A delicious combination of flavors, this bread is a tasty treat. It's great served after dinner, or you can pack it for a mod-afternoon snack at the office. (via My Whole Food Life)

Coconut Chocolate Banana Bread
(Photo: My Whole Food Life)

34. Gluten-Free Butternut Squash bread: Moist and naturally sweet, this bread will make your house smell amazing. It's great for a cold day, so keep this recipe on hand this winter! (via My Whole Food Life)

butternut squash bread
(Photo: My Whole Food Life)

35. Apple Bread with Brown Butter Glaze: This recipe is easy to follow, so even though it looks like something you'd buy at a bakery, it's do-able for any busy mom! (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

Apple Bread with Brown Butter Glaze
(Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod)

36. Lemon Almond Bread: Don't let the cold weather keep you from enjoying a summery taste! This lemon bread is light and moist, perfect for when you start to get cabin fever. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

Lemon Almond Bread
(Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod)

37. Biscoff Banana Bread with Biscoff Cookie Streusel: Change up your banana bread with some crunch! The added biscoff gives your traditional treat a whole new flavor! (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

Biscoff Cookie Banana Bread
(Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod)

38. Cranberry Apple Pumpkin Bread: Rich and decadent, this recipe tastes so good you'll think you're cheating on your diet! (via In Sonnet's Kitchen)

cranberry apple pumpkin bread
(Photo: In Sonnet's Kitchen)

39. Orange Spice Banana Bread: Enjoy a tasty twist on banana bread. It's sweet, fruity and tangy! You'll love to start your day off with a warm slice of this bread! (via Goodlife Eats)

orange spice banana bread
(Photo: Goodlife Eats)

40. Vegan Banana Bread: Banana bread is a family favorite. It's great for breakfast or a snack! This recipe is vegan so anyone can enjoy it! (via This Rawsome Vegan Life)

vegan banana bread
(Photo: This Rawsome Began Life)

41. Pumpkin Spice Bread: Pumpkin Spice Lattes may be gone for the season, but you can still enjoy that flavor you love with this skinny bread recipe! (via The Super Sisters)

pumpkin spice bread
(Photo: The Super Sisters)

42. Carrot Zucchini Bread: Need a reason to get out of bed this morning? This bread is it. It's moist and delicious and a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies! (via Shrinking Kitchen)

carrot zucchini bread
(Photo: Shrinking Kitchen)

43. Pumpkin Beer Bread: Proceed with caution: Telling your husband that this recipe is made from beer may result in an empty pan! (via Shrinking Kitchen)

Pumpkin Beer Bread
(Photo: Shrinking Kitchen)

44. Nutella Banana Bread: Chocolate and banana is a great flavor combination, so why not bake it into a delicious breakfast treat? You can also serve this up as an after school snack! (via Shrinking Kitchen)

nutella banana bread
(Photo: Shrinking Kitchen)

45. Caramelized Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bread: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are a great treat for the family, so why not convert that into a breakfast or healthy dessert? (via Shrinking Kitchen)

caramelized banana oatmeal chocolate chip bread
(Photo: Shrinking Kitchen)

46. Pumpkin Oat Bread: Made with maple syrup instead of sugar, this bread is sweet but not so sweet that you'd think it's actually a slice of cake. It makes for a great breakfast when you pair it with hot coffee! (via Cook Like a Champion)

pumpkin oat bread
(Photo: Cook Like a Champion)

47. Cheese and Chives Beer Bread: Need an appetizer? This quick bread is a great choice! It's savory and tasty, perfect for serving as a side to a meal or on a platter at a party. (via Bright-Eyed Baker)

cheese chives beer bread
(Photo: Bright-Eyed Baker)

48. Apricot and Candied Walnut Bread: This is a quick bread like you've never had before. The combination of flavors will have your mouth watering for more, so you may need to make a second batch! (via Bright-Eyed Baker)

apricot candied walnut bread
(Photo: Bright-Eyed Baker)

49. Chocolate Espresso Banana Bread: Feeling sluggish in the mornings? We have just the cure. Turn on this playlist, brew a cup of coffee and warm up a slice of this delicious bread. (via Bright-Eyed Baker)

chocolate espresso banana bread
(Photo: Bright-Eyed Baker)

50. Za'atar, Feta, Olive and Green Pepper Bread: This recipe is 100 percent whole wheat and has a savory flavor to die for. Serve it up alongside a cheese platter at your next book club meeting! (via Kalyn's Kitchen)

quick bread zaatar feta olives
(Photo: Kalyn's Kitchen)