17 Lighter Casseroles Perfect for Fall

Busy moms love a good casserole for dinner! But what they don't love is one that will kill your diet with calories and fat. To help you out, we've taken some classic recipes and made them skinny! Your family will never know but how healthy they are eating.

1. Lightened Up King Ranch Casserole: Ready for a recipe that will become an instant hit with your family? This lightened up King Ranch Chicken is cheesy and gooey enough for the kids and nutritious enough to give Mom and Dad some peace of mind. Click here for the ingredient list!

Lightened Up King Ranch Casserole

2. Skinny Chicken Parmesan Casserole: This is one of those great weeknight meals that you can pull together easily. Almost all of the ingredients are pantry staples in nearly every house. To see what's in it, click here.

chicken parmesan
(Photo: The Skinny Fork)

3. Skinny Green Bean and Potato Casserole: This low-calorie, low-fat casserole is the perfect family recipe, and it’s an easy cleanup as well! It's lighter than the classic recipe but just as tasty. Click here to get the cooking instructions.

Green bean and potato casserole

4. Cheesy Twice Baked Potato and Broccoli Casserole: This casserole is a seriously tasty way to get your kids to eat some veggies! They'll love the cheesy flavor and you'll love the big dosage of  vitamin C that the broccoli gives! See our recipe here.


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5. Skinny 3-Cheese Penne: This is a recipe to remember. Adding cheese to any dinner is great; adding three cheeses is amazing! It’s a really simple recipe, but the flavor is so good! Click here to see how it's made.


6. Turkey Enchilada Casserole: Going out for Mexican food is a good way to say goodbye to your diet. But that doesn't mean you have to rule it out altogether! This enchilada casserole is a tasty meal that is still on the skinny side! Get the nutrition info here.

turkey enchilada casserole

7. Skinny Baked Mac and Cheese: Kids love Mac n Cheese and this skinny version is a great way to guarantee that you stick to your diet and they get in some veggies! See the full recipe here.

skinny baked mac and cheese broccoli

8. Skinny Chicken Florentine: Looking for a dish to trick your family into eating skinny? You’ve gotta try this one! Our Skinny Chicken Florentine is a creamy, cheesy, filling, warm wintery dinner that will have your kids thinking they are being spoiled! Check it out!

Skinny Chicken Florentine

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9. Skinny Chicken BaCado Casserole: This casserole combines the delicious flavors of avocado, bacon and chicken. Feel free to substitute or add other vegetables into the casserole as well. It's a yummy way to eat right! Click here for the nutrition.

Skinny Chicken BaCado Casserole

10. Make-Over Corn Casserole: Corn casserole is a common occurrence at family gatherings, but it's often made with unnecessary calories. This version is just as good but a lot lighter! (via Skinnytaste)

skinny corn casserole
(Photo: Skinnytaste)

11. Light Chicken Divan: Creamy and delicious, this lightened up version of a classic casserole is just as good as any other version you've tried before! (via Skinnytaste)

chicken divan
(Photo: Skinnytaste)

12. Vegetable Lasagna Casserole: A tasty lasagna that filled to bursting with veggies will have your family full, fueled and happy! It's also a great recipe for leftovers, so you can take it to work as a healthy lunch. (via Averie Cooks)

vegetable lasagna casserole
(Photo: Averie Cooks)

13. Lightened Up Meatball Casserole: This is a simple recipe, which is perfect for busy families. You can whip it up on a weeknight and the whole family will devour it! (via Peanut Butter Fingers)

Meatball Casserole
(Photo: Peanut Butter Fingers)

14. Cajun Shrimp and Quinoa Casserole: This is a clean recipe filled with protein and veggies! If you've been eating on the unhealthy side, this is a good meal to get you back on the right track. (via Small Green Kitchen)

Cajun Shrimp and Quinoa
(Photo: Small Green Kitchen)

15. Spinach Artichoke Quinoa Casserole: This casserole has a great flavor and an even better texture. It's creamy and cheesy and the bits of artichoke give it a great tang! (via Making Thyme for Health)

Spinach Artichoke Quinoa Casserole
(Photo: Making Thyme for Health)

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16. Cauliflower Pepperoni Pizza Casserole: When you think comfort food, you may be weary that it's a calorie trap, but this is an exception! It's a seriously tasty casserole that any healthy family will enjoy. (via Closet Cooking)

pepperoni pizza casserole
(Photo: Closet Cooking)

17. Lighter Tuna Casserole: Tuna casserole has been a classic in many homes, so we found a tasty recipe that delivers the simple recipe with a great taste and in a a healthier way! (via Gimme Some Oven)

Lighter Tuna Casserole
(Photo: Gimme Some Oven)