12 Vegetarian Recipes for You and Your Family

Vegetarian recipes get a bad rep sometimes; they're equally as delicious as recipes with meat in them and just as healthy, too! But sometimes it can be hard to convince your family to eat the vegetarian meals that you love. We've rounded up twelve vegetarian recipes your entire family can appreciate.

Quinoa and Vegetable Stir Fry: The quinoa substitutes for chicken or shrimp so your family still gets the protein they need to get through the day. Check out the colorful recipe here.

Quinoa and Vegetable Stir Fry

Skinny Baked Mac and Cheese with Broccoli: Your kids will love the mac and cheese comfort food and you will love the low calories! Plus, you can sneak in some broccoli to get the kids to eat their veggies. Here's the recipe.

skinny mom baked mac and cheese with broccoli

Skinny Florentine Flatbread: The kids think it's pizza; you know it's good for them. It's a win-win! Check it out.

florentine flatbread

Skinny Lasagna Rolls: Everyone loves a good Italian pasta dish, but not everyone loves all those calories. Luckily, this recipe is significantly better for you and tastes just as delicious! Here it is.


Skinny Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla: Kids love quesadillas, and this packs in tons of nutrients for a healthy vegetarian dinner. If your kids aren't into cilantro, you can easily toss it from the recipe. Here it is.

black bean and corn quesadilla

Skinny Avocado and Black Bean Enchiladas: You don't have to miss out on Mexican food just because you're a vegetarian! This enchilada recipe will have your entire family asking for seconds. Click here for the recipe.

skinny avocado and black bean enchiladas

Light and Easy Pasta Primavera: This recipe is both easy to make and easy on the eyes. Every color of the rainbow is represented, sure to catch your children's eyes! Try out the recipe here.


Skinny Roasted Veggie and Ricotta Pizza: Pizza night is always a hit with the family, and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your family is getting the proper nutrition. Check it out here.

skinny mom homemade veggie and ricotta pizza

Quinoa Mexi-Lime Salad: This recipe will take you twenty minutes tops and is perfect for when you want a little south of the border taste. Eat it like a salad or dip some tortilla chips in it! Here's the recipe.


Skinny Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Grilled cheese might be the most kid-friendly food out there, and we've found a way to make it healthy! Click here for the recipe for these beautiful sandwiches.

Skinny Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches recipe by skinnymom photo of finished sandwich cut in half

Skinny Vegetarian Mexican Chili: Perfect for a busy day, all you have to do is let the slow-cooker do all the work during the day, and then five minute's worth of prep time before dinner. That's it! Here's how.

vegetarian mexican chili

Skinny Minestrone Soup: This hearty, healthy soup is perfect for the colder weather ahead. Don't you love when comfort food is made skinny?! Here's our recipe.

hearty minestrone soup