50 Healthy Cookbooks to Make the Most of Your Meals


These days, there are thousands of cookbooks on the market, most with promises of improving your health or helping you lose weight. So how are you supposed to know which ones to pick? We've come up with 50 different options, highlighting everything from meals for diabetics and low-sugar options to vegan meals and yummy desserts!

Skinny Mom's Simple Summer Salads Digital Cookbook: Don't waste your summer evenings in the kitchen. All of Skinny Mom's delicious summer salads are healthy, full of flavor and can be made in 30 minutes or less! For other Skinny Mom meals, be sure to check out the Skinny Mom Recipe Index.

simple summer salads cookbook

Spices of Life: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Great Health: Including over 175 recipes and tips for a healthy lifestyle, this cookbook offers a wide variety to keep you on the right track.

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A History of Food in 100 Recipes: From today's modern cuisines to ancient Egyptian Breads, this book takes you through time showing how all your favorite recipes were developed over the years.

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The New American Plate Cookbook: We all love the classics and this book delivers! Tasty, filling and healthy, this book has it all from appetizers to desserts.

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The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook: If you do most of the cooking for the family, this is a great choice of cookbook for you. There are 800 recipes sure to please the hungry kids.

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The Santa Monica Farmer's Market Cookbook: As one of the most famous farmer's markets in the country, the Santa Monica Market has inspired renowned chef's and home cooks alike to use local ingredients in their cooking. Now with this cookbook, you can be inspired too.

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Ancient Grains for Modern Meals: This cookbook features old world ingredients so all of your meals will have a classic taste while using whole grains to their upmost potential. 

(Photo: ancient grains for modern meals Photo credit: Amazon)

The Biggest Loser Cookbook: Even if you aren't a fan of the NBC show, you'll be a fan of this cookbook! There are 125 recipes to pick from created by the Biggest Loser experts and cast.

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The South Beach Diet Parties and Holidays Cookbook: Keeping on track can be difficult when you're at parties. This summer, make a great and healthy party dish to bring along and enjoy while being guilt free!

(Photo: The south beach diet parties and holiday cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: From across the Mediterranean, Nancy Harmon Jenkin's brings 92 mouth-watering dishes that are all bursting with flavor.

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The DASH Diet Action Plan Cookbook: Containing lots of DASH friendly recipes, this book is great for anyone who wants to lower blood pressure and cholesterol without medication.

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Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining: Bringing together friends and family is a simple joy of life, and one best experienced around a diner table. If you are following the Paleo diet and are looking to entertain guests, this is a great resource to please everyone while keeping on track.

(Photo: Gather, the are of paleo entertaining Photo credit: Amazon)

Primal Cravings: If you're a firm believer in Paleo or are thinking about starting it, than you need to check out this cookbook. Perfect for anyone who has a hard time giving up their favorites, this book promises to deliver you amazing, Paleo-approved meals.

(Photo: Primal Cravings paleo diet Photo credit: Amazon)

The Healthy College Cookbook: Quick. Cheap. Easy: While you may not be in college anymore, there are plenty of nights you may need a quick fix meal! It'll also make a great gift for all the recent graduates out there.

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Picture Cook: See. Make. Eat.: A fun way to dive into cooking, these recipes all come with step-by-step picture instructions that are easy to follow, regardless of your cooking experience.

(Photo: picture cook See Make Eat Photo credit: Amazon)

In the Kitchen with the Pike Place Fish Guys: If you watched Sean's season of bachelor, you may have seen this fish market on Katherine's hometown date. If not, you still may have heard of the country's top fish market in Seattle. Reel in the best fish recipes around, with this amazing cookbook.

(Photo: In The Kitchen With The Pike place fish guys Photo credit: Amazon)

Whole-Grain Mornings: These fabulous recipes are a great way to start off your morning and there are options for every season. This cookbook allows you to try everything from muffins to granola to eggs!

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Want more ideas of how to start your morning out great? Check out the Skinny Mom Recipe Index for loads of great ideas! Click here to access all the breakfast recipes.

Supergrains: Cook Your Way to Health: This cookbook proves that healthy eating can be delicious! It features over 100 breakfast, lunch, diner and dessert recipes using 12 different whole grains (6 of which of gluten-free) so you can eat your way to health.

(Photo: Supergrains Cook your way to health Photo credit: Amazon)

Absolutely Avocados: Love avocados? You should! These little green monsters are an amazing super food! Now you can get some great ideas on how to use them in your everyday recipes!

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Too Hot In The Kitchen: A fun and whimsical cookbook, this is great for any woman! It's a practical and easy cookbook filled with 200 healthy recipes.

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Feed Zone Portables: If you're a runner and need an alternative to sport-gels to take with you for your next distance jog, try making some of your own! These are great, portable snacks designed to replenish your system as you go and don't take long to prepare!

(Photo: feed zone portables Photo credit: Amazon)

Everything Vegetarian Cookbook: If you're a vegetarian, you know it can be hard to make a meal that will please everyone. Thankfully, with over 300 recipes in this book, you'll have plenty to choose from!

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Vegan Fire & Spice: Just because you've chosen to live a vegan lifestyle doesn't mean you should miss out on the firey side of life! This cookbook has 200 options to fit your spicy needs!

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VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00: If you want to try out a vegan lifestyle, this is a great place to start. This cookbook is dedicated to transforming an unhealthy lifestyle into an active, clean and happy one!

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Gluten is my Bitch: A ridiculously fun cookbook, these recipes are all gluten-free and full of amazing tastes and flavors to make sure you don't miss out on anything delicious!

(Photo: Gluten is my bitch cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

Diabetes and Heart Healthy Cookbook: If you or a family member has diabetes then you know how difficult finding the right food can be. Feel confident about your next meal with this great book of recipes specific for the dietary needs of diabetics!

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The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook: Each meal in this book is tasty, filling and perfect for entertaining, all while living up to the strict needs of a diabetic.

(Photo: The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

The Essential Diabetes Cookbook: Get the essentials in your diet with a cookbook that proves, food for diabetics doesn't need to be boring! You will be more than satisfied with these tasty and filling meals.

(Photo: the essential diabetes cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

Diabetes and Heart Healthy Meals for Two: If you're cooking for two, especially when one of the pair is a diabetic, this cookbook will be of great assistance. It's created by the American Diabetes Association and is full of healthy recipes you'll love.

(Photo: Diabetes and heart healthy meals for two Photo credit: Amazon)

The Baby Bistro Cookbook: If you've got an older baby or toddler, this is a great choice for you. Perfect for pleasing picky toddlers!

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The EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook: Don't sacrifice a good meal just because you're pressed for time! This cookbook guarantees 45 minutes or less cook time for all you busy moms.

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The Fresh 20: Using 20 organic and fresh ingredients, this cookbook gives you a dinner time meal plan for each day of the week. Limiting the weekly ingredients is a great way for busy moms to keep their family eating clean while saving time and money.

(Photo: The Fresh 20 cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

The Weeknight Survival Cookbook: If you're schedule is crazy busy, usually resulting in a, 'fast food or nothing' meal decision, you need to get this cookbook. With 12 weeks worth of healthy meals that can be made in 10 minutes, a busy schedule is no longer an excuse for eating unhealthy.

(Photo: the weeknight survival cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

400 Calorie Fix: Let's face it, counting calories sucks. It's hard to figure out and by the time we remember to add up today's lunch, we can't remember what we had for breakfast. Problem solved. Every meal in the book is under 400 calories so you will never have to bother again. Want more 400 calorie meals? Skinny Mom has tons over dinners under 400 calories.

(Photo: 400 calorie fix Photo credit: Amazon)

400 Calorie Comfort Food: From Good Housekeeping comes this amazing cookbook that delivers seriously slimmed down versions of your favorite recipes! You can now enjoy those filling meals your mama used to make without the added side of guilt.

(Photo: 400 Calorie Comfort Food Photo credit: Amazon)

The Blender Girl: Super easy and healthy, this cookbook has 100 gluten free and vegan blender recipes for every meal, dessert and snacks! If you love making your own juices and smoothies, you've got to give this a try. If you aren't sure you're cut out for this type of diet, try out some of our own Skinny Mom recipes!

(Photo: The Blender Girl Photo credit: Amazon)

The Very Best Recipes for Health: In this collection of recipes, you can find many dishes for nearly any type of guest. While this book is not the best for those red-meat lovers out there, it does have many healthy twists on fish and poultry.

(Photo: The very best recipes for Health Photo credit: Amazon)

The American Heart Association Cookbook, 7th Edition: If you or someone you love is living with a heart condition, this should be your go-to cookbook. Packed full of recipes and information on heart conditions, this cookbook can help get you and your loved ones back on track to a healthy heart.

(Photo: The New American Heart Association Cookbook, 7th Edition Photo credit: Amazon)

American Heart Association No Fad Diet: With new information constantly being streamed and fad diets going in and out, how are you to know what to do? This personal plan created by the AHA will help you to pick a diet that works for you and includes 160 recipes.

(Photo: american heart association no fad diet Photo credit: Amazon)

American Heart Association Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Cookbook: If you're looking to reduce some of your calorie intake or you've been told your cholesterol is getting too high, this is a great place to begin. There are 50 recipes to chose from, all to get you back on track to leading a healthy life.

(Photo: low-fat, low-cholesterol cookbook from the american heart association Photo credit: Amazon)

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Recipe Rehab: This book contains 80 recipes that eliminate fat while keeping the flavor. If you're on a low-fat diet, then this book is a great choice for you.

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In The Green Kitchen: If you enjoy green living, you'll love this cookbook. Alice Waters complies her best tips for preparing green food as well as how to eat green with over 50 seasonal and local recipes.

(Photo: In the Green Kitchen Photo credit: Amazon)

The Heart of the Artichoke and Other Kitchen Journeys: Much like Alice Waters, David Tanis celebrates seasonal meals. Using quality, fresh ingredients is a major role in the recipes he provides, and the taste they produce proves why.

(Photo: The Heart of the artichoke and other kitchen journeys Photo credit: Amazon)

Clean start: If you are looking to start eating clean (and that means real food, no processed or boxed foods allowed), then this is a great place to start. It will help you transition into a new lifestyle with over 100 recipes.

(Photo: Clean Start Cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

Green Market Baking Book: If you love dessert and are into clean eating and seasonal flavors, this is the dessert cookbook for you! These recipes manage to capture sweet and savory flavors using all natural sweeteners so you can cut the sugar from your diet!

(Photo: Green market baking book Photo credit: Amazon)

The Working Class Foodies Cookbook: Do you think eating clean and organic sounds amazing but fear that you don't have the budget to buy all these crazy ingredients? This cookbook has over 100 recipes guaranteed to serve each person for under $8 each.

(Photo: The Working Class Foodies Cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

The Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook: Another book that calls for natural sweeteners, this dessert book is great for anyone who doesn't like processed foods and has a sweet tooth!

(Photo: biggest loser dessert cookbook Photo credit: Amazon)

Petite Sweets: Much of eating healthy is learning to eat in moderation and these mini desserts are perfect for that! While not all of these recipes are skinny, eating a small portion size will satisfy your cravings and keep you from suffering a sugar-overload. They're also great for parties!

(Photo: petite sweets Photo credit: Amazon)

Diet Cookbook: Healthy Dessert Recipes Under 160 Calories: If you are looking to indulge without going over your calorie limit, this is a great resource. This cookbook provides everything from cakes to jello to trifles; something sure to please everyone in your family.

(Photo: Diet Cookbook: healthy desserts under 160 calories Photo credit: Amazon)

101 Healthy Vegan Desserts: Vegans have cravings too! Just because you have a more limited diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy some sweet treats, and with this cookbook there's 101 recipes to try! For more healthy dessert recipes, you can check out some Skinny Mom originals!

(Photo: 101 Healthy Vegan Desserts Photo credit: Amazon)

So the next time you're stuck for what to cook for dinner, flip through one of these amazing cookbooks and whip up a little something that's both healthy and delicious!