11 Skinny Chinese Dishes: Conquer Your Cravings the Healthy Way

Cravings for Chinese food are a real thing. Consuming a thousand calories at a Chinese buffet is also a real thing. Literally. The solution? Skip the restaurant buffet and focus on your favorite Chinese dishes that can be made at home, skinny style.

Here are some Skinny Mom Chinese food favorites:

Chinese Chicken Salad Bites: These would be great as an appetizer or simply a side dish with a Chinese-inspired meat dish. At only a mere 16 calories a serving, don’t be afraid to add a few of these to your Chinese night foodie future.

healthy chinese chicken salad bites Orange General’s Chicken: A popular dish on the Chinese buffet line, this recipe offers the same sinfully delicious indulgence without the added MSGs, heaps of sodium, and fried chicken.

healthy general tso chicken recipe Chicken Fried Rice: A Chinese food staple, this is likely the first stop on the Chinese buffet lineup. It is also the first place winner in calories and fat. Well, that was before it was made skinny style. Skinny Mom approved, this skinny dish is a must-make on the at-home Chinese menu.

skinny chicken fried rice recipe Chinese BBQ Turkey Wraps: Quick, easy, and Skinny Mom approved, these BBQ Turkey Wraps are an excellent way to satisfy the need for Chinese without the trip to the takeout counter.

healthy chinese barbecue lettuce wraps

Skinny Shrimp Stir Fry: Skinny Mom’s version only takes fifteen minutes to prepare! That’s probably less time than it would take you to call, order, and pick-up from your local Chinese restaurant. If that’s not motivation enough, then maybe less than 400 calories a serving (for stir fry!) will be motivation enough.

skinny shrimp stir fry recipe

Sweet and Sour Chicken: No trip to the Chinese buffet is complete without a serving of sweet and sour chicken. This recipe combines all the tang and savor of traditional sweet and sour chicken, minus the lingering guilt and bloat.

healthy sweet and sour chicken

Asian Layered Salad: We've all heard of a Mexican Layered Salad, but mix things up and trying this salad with an Asian twist! You'll get a flavor surge in every bite, so get excited to try your new favorite salad!

healthy asian layered salad

Baked Spring Rolls: These gratifying spring rolls are a great alternative to the unhealthy fried version. Pair them with your favorite dipping sauce and you'll have the perfect crowd-pleasing dish that bursts with flavor every bite.

healthy baked spring rolls

Asian Quinoa Salad: This salad has edamame, red cabbage, carrots, red pepper, cucumber, and cilantro, but is very flexible to add some of your favorite veggies. The final addition is a simple ginger soy dressing which makes the meal a hit!

healthy asian quinoa salad

Skinny Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry: This dish has all the flavor without any of the extra salt in so many stir-fry dinners! This dish packs bold flavor in every bite! If there are leftovers, allow the beef to marinate in the ginger-orange sauce overnight and pack it for lunch the next day.

beef and broccoli stir fry

Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken: This flavorful dish is traditionally served over rice, but definitely try steamed vegetables as your base for a delicious, low-carb variation.

slow cooker honey sesame chicken

Whether you choose one of your favorite Chinese dishes to prepare, or prepare a lineup of dishes for the at-home buffet experience (what’s better than Chinese leftovers?!), these recipes are sure to conquer your Chinese cravings without conquering your goals.