How Jessie James Decker Got in the Best Shape of Her Life After Having Two Kids

Jessie James Decker’s frequent bikini snaps prove her body is insanely fit, and the country star admits that she looks and feels better than ever after becoming a mom.

“I feel better now after two children — I think I look better, I feel better,” the “Girl on the Coast” singer told PEOPLE. “When I was younger, I was relying on those young girl genetics. I wasn’t watching what I was eating or looking at nutrition. Now I’m paying attention, and my body is leaner, I’m healthier, I’m eating better. I’m just in better shape.”

Since giving birth to daughter Vivianne, 3, and son Eric, 2, Decker has transformed her diet and workout routine to keep her fit on her hectic schedule. From recording to promoting her Gold EP, designing and shooting looks for her Kittenish clothing line or supporting her Tennessee Titans WR hubby Eric Decker, she doesn’t have hours to prep meals or beat herself up in the gym.

Instead, Decker turned to quick, effective plans to create a healthy daily routine for herself and her family.

For her diet, the country singer sticks to the South Beach Diet which calls for fresh ingredients and a focus on protein. “My body responds really well to a lot of protein,” she says.

She sometimes opts for one of the program’s pre-made meals on busy days (she says she really loves the double chocolate chip ricotta muffins), but Decker follows South Beach Diet’s guidelines when prepping her other meals at home.

"In the morning I usually sit with the kids at the table while they eat yogurt and fruit — our kids love yogurt with fruit — and Eric is usually making breakfast, like turkey bacon,” Decker told Delish of her normal routine.

She drinks coffee every morning — no exceptions — and she usually eats a piece of whole-wheat toast with butter, though sometimes she'll grab some of her husband’s turkey bacon and craft a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

For lunch and dinner, the 29-year-old usually enjoys her go-to staples like chicken and salad or a bowl of turkey chili.

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"I keep the kitchen stocked with fresh food," she says, citing olive oil as one of her most used ingredients. "I use it for everything—I don't use canola oil or anything like that."

And though Decker steers clear of things like low-calorie sweeteners, which are full of chemicals, she doesn’t deprive herself from eating what she wants. "I'm not really restrictive with what I eat, I just really pay attention to portion sizes — I think that's the most important thing," she says.

And when she’s on the go, Decker relies on one super simple recipe. "I'll literally make a sandwich," she says. "I'll just throw together ham and cheese, maybe some avocado. When we were at our house in Florida for a week I literally ate that for lunch every day." She says she also keeps South Beach Diet bars handy or will snack on hummus and pita.

As for her workouts, the mom of two fits in exercise wherever, whenever she can.

"Even when I don't have workout clothes on, I'll do it,” Decker says. “Sometimes I'll be like 'Okay I have enchiladas in the oven, that's going to take 20 minutes, I'm going to do 150 lunges right here in the kitchen’ — and I do it."

The singer has also shared a full at-home workout on YouTube while her kids were napping, complete with jumping jacks, jump squats, skater lunges, mountain climbers and some moves with light weights.

These circuits — done mostly at home — give the singer that hurts-so-good burn she craved. “I like that [circuit training] is quick and effective — I will work out 20, 30 minutes at the very most,” she told PEOPLE. “And I like that you can constantly change up. I want to know that I sweated it out, I want to know that my body is shaking from an intense workout. That’s how I know that I did something. I want to be a little sore the next day, I want to know that it was effective. I like yoga, but I never felt like I got everything I wanted out of it, so that’s what got me into the circuit training.”

Eating what she wants within reason and hardly setting foot in the gym? Honestly, the "Lights Down Low" singer's plan sounds pretty great — and her incredible personal results make for some serious motivation.

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