Fergie and Nicki Minaj Have Clearly Been Practicing Squats for 'You Already Know' Video

Fergie just dropped the video for her new song, "You Already Know", which features a hot verse from Nicki Minaj and even hotter visuals of the two divas.

The new video, part of Fergie's visual album Double Dutchess set to release on September 22, is full of stark lines, black and white imagery and the two women looking pretty freaking fantastic in suits.

In true Fergie and Minaj fashion, the two ditch their suits for curve-baring ensembles, making jaws drop everywhere at the sight of the two songstresses' "lovely lady lumps."

It's clear that the duo has been practicing their squats as of late, judging by Minaj's bandage dress and Fergie's perky booty peeking out from her latex bottoms.

One move that gets Fergie's backside in Double Dutchess shape? The jump squat. Trainer Don Brooks of Don-A-Matrix Training says Fergie and the move go way back.

"Fergie has a love-hate relationship with the jump squat," he told Glamour. "Hates to do it, loves the results."

We're loving those results, too, Fergie-Ferg! Jump squats offer not only the typical glute-burning benefits of regular squats, but also the extra plyometric jump at the end that fires up your quads for some extra fat-burning benefits.

This bootylicious collab between Fergie and Minaj is so obvious that we're wondering why it hasn't been done before — but we'll certainly take what we can get with this eye candy.