'GLOW' Star Britney Young Calls Season 2 'Bigger, Badder, Better'

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'GLOW' Star Britney Young Calls Season 2 'Bigger, Badder, Better'

Fans Slam Kourtney Kardashian After Spotting Something in Latest Photo

Kourtney Kardashian is taking heat over a not-so-subtle product inclusion in her latest Instagram post.

And to make matters worse, the item is one the socialite swears she doesn’t consume as part of her healthy lifestyle.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians personality posted a photo of herself sitting on the counter of her kitchen in a pale yellow jumpsuit on Instagram Tuesday. On one side of her sat a bowl overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables, but on the other was a plate of fresh-cut mango and a McDonald’s soda cup with a colored drink inside.

washing cars today on coldwater canyon if anyone's interested

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“Washing cars today on cold water canyon if anyone’s interested,” Kardashian captioned the photo, which is noticeably free of the hashtag #ad, which is required for sponsored posts. Whether the celebrity’s post is an endorsement for the golden arches or she’s drinking it, fans have taken issue with the new snap.

Some criticize Kardashian for promoting a product she doesn’t use. “Everyone knows d—n well Kourtney don’t eat or drink anything from McDonalds!” one user wrote. Another added, “She doesn't eat McDonald's but she'll make pretend she does for a check. She'll push that poison to her fanbase but she wouldn't dare actually consume that garbage.”

Others looked past the idea that it could be a sponsored post and slammed Kardashian for having the fast food cup in her house since she’s vocal about her commitment to her family’s health.

“McDonald's in the background? Thought you don't let soft drinks in the house?” one follower asked.

Another commented, “Are those Golden Arches organic and non-gmo?” while another wrote, “McDonald’s is not organic!”

The 38-year-old is facing backlash primarily due to the fact that she says she sticks to a strict nutrition plan, which is free of soda.

And though Khloé is often named the fittest Kardashian sister, even she admits that Kourtney is the healthiest of the tribe.

In the past, she’s opened up about stepping up her diet and fitness to transform her body, plus she’s revealed that multiple food allergies limit what she is allowed to eat.

Kardashian is known to eat only whole, organic foods, cutting gluten, dairy and sugar from her diet.

After she ditched drinking soda (she’s said in the past), she swears instead by drinking lots of water and indulging in green tea for a healthy pick-me-up.

It also packs an added bonus for her body, the reality TV personality says. “I swear it makes my tummy flatter! Also, green tea can help reduce the signs of cellulite,” she wrote on her website. She says the drink also helps to boost her mood and energy levels, and she encourages fans to drink an "extra iced green tea" before a workout for extra energy.

Whether Kardashian’s latest McD’s cameo was for cash or a personal treat, it clearly contradicts her fit philosophy.