Model Joanna Krupa Shows off Her 'Shocking' Tiger-Painted Body

Joanna Krupa is baring it all — for a good cause. The 38-year-old Real Housewives of Miami alum stripped down to nothing but her high heels and body paint as she called for a ban on wild-animal circuses outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

Painted head to toe like a tiger, Krupa modeled the feline look on her Instagram account. "Can't get enough of this amazing body art," she wrote in the caption, thanking her hair and makeup artists. "Hoping the British government listens and finally bans the use of wild animals in circuses!"

Krupa joined forces with animal rights group PETA to protest animal cruelty in circuses.

"I am here to spread awareness and try to get wildlife, wild animals banned from the circus," she told the Press Association. "I speak for the animals because they're voiceless and they're defenseless and it's not right for people to take advantage of it."

"No animal should be forced to perform tricks for entertainment, and it's time the British government put an end to this cruelty," she told the Daily Mail.

Krupa, whose divorce from 44-year-old Romain Zago was finalized last month, said that she wore the "shocking" ensemble because she felt she had no other way of capturing people's attention.

"I know this is a shocking way to show my support for animals, but the sad part is unless you do something shocking, people don't listen," she said.

Since Krupa and Zago made the decision to divorce, the Polish-American model has since moved on with a new man. She was spotted with 40-year-old entrepreneur Nico Santucci in Los Angeles earlier this summer. A source told Us Weekly that the new couple has been "inseparable and enjoying their time together."