Soleil Moon Frye Flaunts 40-Pound Weight Loss in Sexy Cutout Swimsuit

Soleil Moon Frye is sizzling in the summer vacation heat!

The 41-year-old mother of four hit Lake Tahoe with family and friends for an extended summer vacation, and the actress wasn’t afraid to rock sexy cutout swimsuits.

Love my ladies!!! Tahoe girls having fun. Thanks @shoshannagruss for this bathing suit. Have been living in it 💗

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After the Punky Brewster star gave birth to her fourth child in May 2016, she lost 40 pounds and says she feels better than ever.

“I have been feeling really great this summer with my family. I love having the energy to paddle board with the kids, go tubing and hiking. I also feel comfortable throwing on a bathing suit and jean shorts,” Soleil told E! News. “I used to find myself hiding my body. I was the person on the beach with baggy surf shorts and a long sleeve shirt. It feels good to be comfortable in my skin.”

Frye has long been a member of Nutrisystem and the weight loss program has allowed her to work toward a fit, healthy body. And on an active vacation, the actress isn’t worried about slipping up on her healthy lifestyle.

“My family and I love the outdoors and on vacation we’re very active so that makes it easier to keep it up, but also I don’t deprive myself,” she said. “We love going to the candy store and out for ice cream, but it’s really just about finding balance. We also love grilling and cooking as a family, so we always try to get in our protein, fresh fruits and veggies.”

I am really jumping into summer!!! Just as excited as the kids! #tahoe

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After the birth of her fourth child, Story, the actress says she returned to the Nutrisystem program—which she used to lose weight after having her third child.

“I was like, ‘It worked the last time, I’m ready to do it again.’ I started back on the program and it’s been wonderful,” she told PEOPLE. “I absolutely love being able to eat waffles in the morning and ice cream sandwiches and pizza and things that I love.”

Frye also exercised on the elliptical and by playing with her kids. The family takes frequent walks, bike rides and plays soccer together to keep active. “Especially now, having boys, I get to be rough with them,” the celebrity mom admitted.

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More than slimming down after pregnancy, though, Frye looks at taking control of her health and body as a way to serve as a role model to her family.

“I think by knowing that my kids look to me, it really forces me to just feel as if I need to be an example to them,” she said.