Here's How Drew Barrymore Is Eating and Working out to Lose 30 Pounds

Drew Barrymore goes all in for her characters… even when that character is a flesh-eating zombie mom constantly on the hunt for her next meal.

Though she isn’t chowing down on bones and brains to get ready for season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet, the 42-year-old actress is working hard to lose 10 more pounds to ‘become Sheila.’

Barrymore posted this ultra-relatable video to Instagram Thursday, showing off her serious yoga workout with trainer Marnie Alton. In the video, Alton asks, “Is that sweat on the floor in front of you?” We love a woman who isn’t afraid to get messy to see results.

The movie star also says she is working to lose the weight with the clean eating help of nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, who helped her drop 20 pounds for season one of the Netflix show.

The last few days, Barrymore has blessed us with a series of Instagram posts all starting with "#becomingSheila", so we can only hope we’ll see many more sweaty selfies and progress pics during her personal transformation.

She shared this photo shortly after her sweaty video, letting us know she means business.

#becomingSheila more training. She is strong. Fierce. Wrong. And I love being her. She woke me up!

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“#becomingSheila more training. She is strong. Fierce. Wrong. And I love being her. She woke me up!” the star captioned the photo of herself dripping sweat and wearing a padded glove.

Though she already looks svelte, Barrymore has said from the beginning she planned to transform as Sheila would throughout the course of the show.

“If a woman is just eating simple protein, everyday all day long, she would lose weight. It’s like a very macabre Atkins,” she explained on Today, and decided to lose weight as her character would.

The comedy began while Barrymore was in a period of personal struggle, dealing with a divorce from third husband Will Kopelman and learning how to thrive as a single mom. She says she ‘let herself go’ and used Santa Clarita Diet as her means for getting back to work and back to a healthier life.

“[The show] turned out to be this great thing I got to escape into, lose 20 pounds, get liberated with Sheila and kind of have this physical transformation,” Barrymore told Magic Radio. “It gave me a lot of goals and things that weren’t just like showing up to work every day. I had to do things to be her that were actually very positive for my real life.”

#becomingSheila back in the saddle again. Thank you to all the experts who helped me get here. It's no wonder I don't want to deal with all that being a lady entails sometimes. I'm a mom. I work like crazy. And the first thing to go is usually yourself. I love this job because it forces me to put back into myself, even if it's really for someone else like Sheila. I feel so grateful to have a job I love. I know how lucky I am and I never take it for granted. Period. Becoming her took weeks and weeks. It gets harder the older you get. But working hard is always worth it. Ok. Time to be cool. Because I'm usually not. But she is. So I will be. You know... fake it til you make it. But don't ever stop short!!!!!!! #santaclaritadiet

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So how did Barrymore ‘become Sheila’ and drop the weight?

The actress says she went from 144 to 124 pounds throughout the filming of Santa Clarita Diet season one by following a customized version of Kimberly Snyder’s methods. “I added some protein like fish and chicken since [Snyder] is all vegetarian or vegan,” Barrymore told Us Weekly.

She also moved her body with a variety of workout classes, documenting them all on Instagram for fans. She tried hip hop dancing, hiking and hot yoga, though now she’s added Alton’s training to the mix.

Barrymore also drinks 64 ounces of water each day, hydrating her body and riding it of harmful toxins. This H2O habit also happens to be her secret for clear, healthy skin!

But just as any dieter knows, the actress says eating clean doesn’t take those fierce cravings away. “I’ve been very disciplined and all I did was cry and dream about pizza. I still am dreaming and crying about pizza,” she said during her first round at weight loss.

Sounds like Barrymore is following a strict “What would Sheila do?” plan, except for the whole eating humans thing.