The 10-Minute Workout Blast That Changed Kelly Osbourne's Life

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Kelly Osbourne has changed a lot since we were first introduced to her during her family's MTV stint. She's gone through numerous style transformations and really come into her own, both as a fashionista in her own right and as an unapologetically opinionated "badass bitch". One thing that's definitely changed since her MTV days? Her emphasis on health.

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Over the years, Osbourne has done a real 180 when it comes to health and wellness. In part to overcome her past struggles with addiction, Osbourne has gone back to basics to get into what she calls a "good headspace" that helps dictate the way she treats her body and moves about her day. One thing that never fails to get her into that space? Her 10-minute workout.

As she told The Cut, "I do a ten-minute workout every single day that gets everything in your body moving." Though she initially discovered what would become her go-to while looking for a warm-up routine, she soon found that this quick, concise exercise configuration was great as a stand-alone workout, too. "...when I researched more, I found it was also a great way to maintain, if you only have a few minutes," she explained. "You can do it anywhere if you have a yoga mat, or at a hotel you could just use a towel."

The workout in question is the brainchild of Anna Renderer, fitness guru at PopSugar Fitness, and is specifically designed to give you full-body exercise in just ten minutes—as long as you give every move your all. From burpees and lunges to bear crawls and lateral jumps, there's no shortage of range in this workout, even in such a short span of time.

"Honestly, I’ve worked with some of the world’s most incredible personal trainers, but this ten-minute warm-up is the best for me and my body that I have found," Kelly says. We can't argue with that.

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The workout has also been an essential cornerstone of Kelly's journey to total health—something that she's quick to admit has had a major impact on her confidence, too. "You won’t become fully mind, body, and soul healthy unless you find a way to at least be content with yourself," she says. "People have this delusion that if you lose weight, you’ll get happy. But if you’re not happy, you won’t lose weight," she admits, which is a truth that seems very close to the heart for this celeb. Given how stunning her transformation has been over the years, we're inclined to take her at her word.

What do you think? Would you try this 10-minute workout as a warm-up, or do you think it could replace your tried-and-true gym routine? Either way you use it, we love that it's a quick and easy sweat session that can be done anywhere.


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