63-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Stuns in 'Itsy Bitsy' Bikini in 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit'

We've said it before and we're saying it again: No way is Christie Brinkley 63 years old.

Okay, it's not that we actually believe that the former (and one would argue current) supermodel is lying about her age, but it's just that her flawless figure and body confidence are the things of every woman's dreams.

Brinkley shared a stunning bikini photo on Instagram from her latest shoot in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, writing in the caption: "It was an itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini so I haven't posted it yet from my recent spread in [Sports Illustrated Swimsuit] but today is [National Bikini Day] so why not?"

The ageless star has previously mentioned that the secret to her svelte figure is staying active and eating right.

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"The only constant that I have in my [fitness routine] is that I start whatever I do with my Total Gym because I believe it helps keep me from getting injured," she told Shape.com.

Along with Total Gym, Brinkley says she partakes in SoulCycle, yoga, bicycling, paddle boarding, surfing, skiing and swimming.

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As for her diet, well, it's pristine. She's been a vegetarian since she was a teenager, and she even eats her healthy dinner leftovers for breakfast.

Brinkley told Doctor Oz that her breakfast usually contains a grain (like quinoa), lentils, vegetables and a bit of oil and vinegar. Add a glass of warm water with lemon and you've got Brinkley's daily breakfast! (Check out her full daily meal plan here.)

And being the ever-positive Christie Brinkley, she says the proper attitude goes a long way in staying young, fit and healthy.

"Ultimately, your age is determined by your attitude. [...] I'm much more concerned with how I feel. When you feel great and you feel energetic, that also makes you look better, but the number one thing I'm concerned about is feeling good."


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