Kendra Wilkinson Baskett Shows off Flat Tummy and Sexy Curves in Braless Selfie

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Kendra Wilkinson Baskett was living it up in Las Vegas for the Fourth of July, and she posted a steamy selfie to celebrate the occasion.

After telling her followers that her plans were to stay lazy for the holiday, the Kendra On Top star posted a photo of herself posing in her penthouse, ready to start the day.

She's wearing nothing but an extremely tight tank top and a pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts.

After that sultry upload, she posted another leggy photo of herself lounging by the pool. She captioned the poolside photo "Ok I'm doing something with my life. Lmao."

(Photo: Instagram / @kendra_wilkinson_baskett)

The 32-year-old mom of two is looking extra fierce these days, and we can't help but chalk it up to her healthy eating lifestyle. She told E! News that she practices portion control and eats off smaller plates, eats clean and ditches bread.

"I've been doing the little plate thing lately, and it's really been working for me," she said. "So get small plates, I think that's a big, huge thing. It works. It really does. And skip the bread, you don't need bread!"

After having her second child, daughter Alijah Mary Baskett, in May 2014, Wilkinson said she had gained 55 pounds — so she turned to the Atkins Diet to melt off the extra weight.

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"During my pregnancy, I started at 120 and ended up at 175," she told Giuliana Rancic.

"I researched the perfect diet for after baby... I love meat, I love vegetables, it's low-carb…it's working so good," she said of the Atkins Diet.

"I'm an athlete, I thought I would lose the weight so fast right after having the baby, but I didn't. I learned the pounds don't just shed off. You have to go on a diet and really take care of your body."

Wilkinson's trainer (who is also the CEO of Clutch Bodyshop) Ashley Conrad said Wilkinson has a firm handle on clean eating.

"What is really impressive about Kendra is she’s a very, very disciplined and regimented person,” she told PEOPLE. “She was eating very clean – no refined sugars, no junk, eating five meals a day to keep the metabolism up, and drinking a ton of water. Because she’s been in such great shape for so many years of her life and has had kids, she really knows what needs to happen on the nutrition side to lock that stuff in.”

Leading up to Wilkinson's 30th birthday, she'd work with Conrad for hour-long sessions four days per week. Conrad says they'd do calisthenic exercises and stretches.

“A normal day would start with a series of calisthenic warm-up exercises ranging from jumping jacks, to butt kicks, to high knees,” Conrad says. “Then we’d go into a few different stretches. The majority of the stuff [utilized] body weight, like pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, sprints, planks, plank with a row.”


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