Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Loses Pants, Reveals Bulging Hamstrings in Crazy Post-Workout Pic

How many leg days do you think Dwayne Johnson has ever skipped? Zero? That's what we're thinking, too.

"The Rock" shared a particularly muscley gym photo on Instagram on Sunday, losing his pants in the process.

"We got crazy and hard core trained legs (my personal fav) this weekend. Had fun," he wrote in the caption (as if we couldn't already tell from his hulking hamstrings that leg day is his favorite). "Got after it like f*cking animals... the big furry kind. Another one in the books. Grateful."

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If you're just as curious as Johnson's followers were about the whereabouts of his pants, he made an addendum to clarify.

"To answer all your comments, I'm not training naked. I'm wearing thick compression training shorts that hike up my quads when they get pumped," the 45-year-old Baywatch star wrote. "I may be a stone cold freak, but I ain't freaky."

While Johnson might have a crazed look in his eye, don't let his gym pics fool you. Just last Sunday he melted hearts everywhere after posting his interaction with a group of kids at the Atlanta zoo.

β€œOn my breaks from shooting Rampage, my producers and I head over to Atlanta Zoo to meet with animal experts for my research and luckily for me, I run into these brilliant little humans who will one day grow up and do great things in life," he wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, if he follows through with his 2020 presidential run with Tom Hanks, we could be looking at our most ripped president ever.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @therock


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