How LeAnn Rimes Keeps Her Figure Fit and Insta-Famous

Most of us know LeAnn Rimes for her vocal stylings, but as it turns out, her figure is getting just as famous. Rimes started documenting her workouts on Instagram using the hashtag #TightTushTuesday and the results have been surprising, both to early fans of the artist and to LeAnn herself.

"I did something on Instagram called Tight Tush Tuesday and everybody kind of freaked out about it, so it's become a thing," she explained to Delish. Now the hashtag is a regular part of her social media presence, with each Tuesday ushering in a new booty-sculpting move. Not only is #TightTushTuesday inspiring her followers to take a more active role in their daily fitness, but because most of the moves require little-to-no equipment, they're relatively accessible to fans of all stripes.

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But these booty-targeting moves are only one of the ways LeAnn stays in shape. Though she's been touring for upwards of 20 years, the singer is in the best shape of her life—thanks in large part to her diet. According to her trainer and health coach Michael Jackson, LeAnn adheres to a mostly-vegan diet, incorporating lean proteins like chicken and salmon as needed. Veggies are the main event, however, and her new lifestyle blog, Soul of EverLe, has the recipes to prove it.

Though she's less strict about what she eats now than she was in her younger years, she's healthier now than she's ever been. Years ago, her weight dropped so significantly that the rumor mill started to churn about a possible eating disorder. LeAnn and her trainer discovered that the issue was actually stress—something she now is able to combat with exercise, too.

LeAnn turns to boxing to manage her anxiety and relieve stress while also getting a full workout. In addition to the more traditional boxing moves found in her workout, LeAnn makes it easy for herself to stay fit on the go by bringing one very handy tool with her everywhere: ""I take a jump rope with me everywhere I go," she confessed to Us Weekly.

Looking to get a body like LeAnn's? In addition to following her progress with #TightTushTuesday on Instagram, we recommend some boxing and jump-rope workouts inspired by the star's success.


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