You Need to Learn This Go-To Move From Emma Stone's Trainer ASAP

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Emma Stone's trainer, Jason Walsh, is no stranger to working with celebrities. He's trained Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Jessica Biel, Lily Aldridge and Irina Shayk — so his work speaks for itself. Walsh, who founded his own fitness studio, Rise Nation, frequently posts pics on Instagram of his star trainees doing what seems to be his favorite move: the deadlift.

He told SELF that it's his go-to move because it's a compound exercise, meaning it works multiple muscle groups and joints at once — which means you will build more lean muscle and burn more fat.

"It's one of those movements that’s more bang for your buck," Walsh tells SELF. "You're going to burn a lot of calories, the muscles are working in a balanced fashion, you’re reinforcing proper movement patterns, it’s going to change the way the body works so that everything else that you do you get more out of."

Here's Emma Stone in the middle of one:

Emma Stone getting her deadlift on. Ladies, DEADLIFT!!!! This lift will change your life. #Strongisthenewsexy #strong #motivated

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And here's the aftermath of a tough deadlift session. Always the funny girl:

The truth featuring Emma Stone. Deadlift PR day. Change takes breaking comfort. 😬 #billiejeanking #movieprep #emmastone

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While the above image is photo proof that strength training is hard work, we can't stress enough how worth it it can be. Strength training builds lean muscle, which helps your body burn more calories at rest; it helps build strong joints, which keeps you from injury; it helps correct problems like neck and back pain; and last but not least, it does not bulk you up. (More on that here.)

Walsh told SELF that Stone loves deadlifts because she saw good results after trying it out:

"Emma Stone does deadlifts because it feels good and it corrects a lot of [problems]," he says. "She doesn’t have any lower-back pain anymore. The neck pain went away that she used to have because of what these movements do for the full body."

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Want to give it a try? Make sure the first time you deadlift, you're with a trainer who knows what they're doing. Otherwise you could injure yourself pretty easily. In the meantime, read up on it with our how-to:

A proper deadlift should be performed with control. The barbell needs to be close to the shins with the hands placed just outside of the legs. You can try a split grip, which is when you wrap one hand over the bar and the other wraps under the bar. All of your weight needs to be in your heels and the back is arched. Slightly bend your knees, but don’t let them cross over the ankles by more than an inch.

When you lift, squeeze your glutes and drive through your heels. Take a nice big breath and hold it as you raise the bar. Exhale once the bar gets into position at the top of the movement. You need to push your hips forward. The bar should be pressing against your body at this point.

Are you going to give deadlifting a try?


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